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Aerial view of forest in the South Esk River region, Tasmania. Photo by Mike Bretz.
Aerial view of forest in the South Esk River region, Tasmania. Photo by Mike Bretz.

Thank you

Published 11 Jan 2024

Our work would not be possible without the support of people like you and so many other donors who've recently contributed.

Gifts in Celebration

Isobel Bishop's 80th birthday was generously celebrated with donations from many family and friends.

Sarah Reid made a donation for Jess Ward-Jones’ birthday.

Georgina Chrisp donated to wish JWJ a happy 30th birthday and thank them for their amazing work.

Anna Van Dugteren's (former) colleagues left a donation as a farewell gift.

Anthea O'Neill was inspired to leave a gift on behalf of Dr Virginia Saxton for her excellent teaching.

Marcus Cozzi, Brad Ellis and Bianca Laidlaw donated to celebrate the wedding of Derek and Jessie Gurban.

Susan Kaye Kilgour made a donation as a wedding gift to Simon and Julia whose passion is conserving the Murrumbidgee River.

Jo Fraser and Barbara Gunn both made donations as Christmas gifts to each other.

Ruth Greble celebrated the birthday of our conservation volunteer Jane Ralls with a donation.

Jo, Thorunn and Monty celebrated the birthday of their Dad/Grandad with a lovely gift.

Pat Boldra is wishing Paul a happy birthday with a donation.

Tess and Robyn are wishing a happy Christmas to Barry with a donation.

Estelle Hakner is celebrating Mark Bruce with a donation.

Ian Kershaw, Ruth & Norman Kershaw, Christine Kershaw and Graham & Alison Kershaw gave the bush a lovely Christmas present with a donation.

Shae Hellstedt is celebrating her Mum with a generous gift.

Lisa Bradley and Rosemary Nicholson donated to celebrate Carol Anderson.

Elizabeth, Obi and Orlando are wishing Josh Romein a happy Christmas with a gift.

Ian, Julia and Chloe donated to wish Gillian a happy Christmas.

Carol Harris is wishing Claire a happy birthday with a gift.

Nick Wilson is wishing a happy Christmas to Jeremy with a gift.

Gloria Grace Wallace donated as a Christmas gift for Lydia and Andrew.

Zac Porritt is wishing Fiona Porritt a Merry Xmas with a donation.

Paul Collins is wishing Paul a happy Christmas with a donation.

Michael Olsen left a Christmas gift for Aunty Sue.

Bronwen Channon's 60th birthday was celebrated with a donation from Pamela Boardman.

Bill J. Geyer celebrated the birthday of Geoff Harris with a donation.

Generous donations in memory of loved ones

Marilyn Zakrevsky donated in memory of Vitaly Kenneth.

Lynette Elliott gave a gift in honour of Peter Brendan Jubb.

Christina Lucas donated in memory of Raymond Lucas.

Kate Muirhead donated in memory of Neil Alistair Muirhead.

Amparo Llanos donated in memory of Leith Gillman.

Jill Cassidy donated in memory of Dorothy Rosemann.

Christine Wilson and Matthew Colless donated in memory of Uncle Hermann Wehner who loved the bush.

Zoie Magann donated in memory of Murray Burke.

Mala Morghana donated in memory of Keith Herbig.

Michael and Rachel Robbins donated in memory of Jan Robbins.

Nicolie J. Collinson donated in memory of John Walker.

Susan Cameron donated in memory of Andrew Cameron, a long time supporter of Bush Heritage.

Phillipa Harvey donated in memory of Dorothy and Malcolm Stevens.

Trudi Prideaux donated in memory of Vic and Clair Porrill.

Susan Threlfall donated in memory of Rae Lilly.

Margareta Nicholas donated in honour of a friend.

Tania Morton donated in memory of Dylan Wood.

Ann Prescott donated in memory of Josephine Prescott.

Merry M. Cooper donated in memory of Aunt Evelyn.

Anne M. Smith donated in memory of Kath and Max Smith.

Stories in this edition

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Blue wings, smelly ant

The search for an ant leads scientists to Carnarvon Station Reserve and one of Australia’s rarest of butterflies.

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BUSHTRACKS 11/01/2024

Bill Johnston's happy place

For dedicated Bush Heritage volunteer Bill Johnston, the sign at Eurardy Reserve is the gateway to his happy place.

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Hickman's Farm looking south, central NSW, Wiradjuri Country. By Bee Stephens.

BUSHTRACKS 11/01/2024

A natural link

Preliminary findings from an innovative agricultural research project show a positive link between biodiversity and prosperity.

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Sunset as seen from Charles Darwin Reserve, Badimia Country, WA. By Seabird Films Andy McGregor

BUSHTRACKS 11/01/2024

Nurturing community

After two decades of management at Charles Darwin Reserve we celebrate our impact – on the landscape and its people.

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Ecological monitoring at Burrin Burrin Reserve, Ngambri, Yuin walbunja muncata and Ngarigo Country, New South Wales. By Tim Clark

BUSHTRACKS 11/01/2024

Burrin Burrin heals

Ecological monitoring at Burrin Burrin Reserve indicates good management and nature’s ability to recover.

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