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Newsletter archive (2002-14)

Summer 2014

  • Protecting vulnerable natives from ferals
    Across Australia we employ various methods to control ferals.
  • The Umpila Rocky Lake survey
    A team of Umpila rangers, ecologists and our staff recently spent 4 weeks surveying on Umpila traditional lands on Cape York.
  • Bush Blitz unearths new discoveries
    The national Bush Blitz program recently visited Carnarvon Reserve.
  • The scent of a quoll
    Some border collies have been helping us sniff out quolls!
  • Snapshots to savour
    Photographer Boris Hlavica is running a workshop on Boolcoomatta. Here he shares some tips.
  • Caretakers of the desert
    Recent retirees Mick and Kerry Moylan spent a month at Ethabuka.
  • From the CEO 
     Gerard O'Neill on highlights from the World Parks Congress.

Spring 2014

  • Every chance
    Captive breeding program for tiny Red-finned Blue-eye fish.
  • Gunduwa Young Leaders’ Program
    Run by the Perenjori and Morawa Shires with support from Bush Heritage.
  • New species at Naree
    One weekend's work by volunteers Dr John Hunter and his wife Vanessa has seen more than 100 new plants added to the species list.
  • A focal point in the Fitz-Stirling
    Plans are underway for Monjebup Creek in south-west WA.
  • Huddled up in new homes
    Our 4th year monitoring translocated Red-tailed Phascogales.
  • Nic and Finney’s annual adventure 
    Nicky Rolls, and her friend Saraan Finney first volunteered for us in 2007 and have been back every year since.

Winter 2014

  • Helping protect remnant habitats
    Our campaign to secure Monjebup Creek in south-west, WA.
  • Transforming rains
    After one of the driest years on record, many of our reserves enjoyed late summer rains.
  • Controlling carp on the 'bidgee  
    A major focus of the Upper Murrumbidgee Demonstration Reach is controlling carp.
  • Our valuable volunteers 
    Over the past year volunteers have contributed 14,000 hours.
  • Blues for the Bush and Open Day 2014
    Following the success of last year's event, the Shire of Perenjori and supporters will gather again for a weekend of conservation and music.

Autumn 2014

  • Managing a summer scorcher
    Changing climatic conditions are making fire planning and preparation more important than ever.
  • Mosaic burning research  
    PhD student Emma Burgess has been investigating the effects of mosaic burning at Carnarvon Station, Qld.
  • Reserve scorecards  
    Periodic ‘reserve scorecards’ are produced, summarising each reserve’s condition based on an ecological review.
  • Songs of the Bush 
    Meet one of our long-term supporters, John Hutchinson, whose early interest in electronics and love of the Australian bush has led him to create the world’s pre-eminent
    collection of WA bird songs.
  • Support behind Caring for Country 
    Our partnerships with Balkanu (Cape York) and Warddeken (NT) have been extended. 

Summer 2013

  • Charting the change
    Charles Darwin Reserve, at the junction of two major bioregions, is ideal for a long-term study into how climate change is impacting native plants and animals.
  • Rock-wallabies unveiled on Yourka
    Director of Science, Jim Radford, shares his excitement over rock wallabies being found on Yourka Reserve.
  • Falling for the Fitz-Stirling
    We're joining forces with like-minded neighbours in south-west Western Australia.
  • From the CEO 
    "In October, the Top 50 Philanthropic Gifts of All Time were announced in Melbourne. Bush Heritage was the recipient of not one but two of the extraordinary gifts recognised."

Spring 2013

  • The Barnetts' bush memory
    A Black Saturday tragedy in the Victorian bush has inspired a remarkable legacy.
  • A safe haven for the diamond firetail
    New hope for declining woodland birds like the diamond firetail is emerging at Scottsdale.
  • Sylvester Mangolamara: Wunambal Warrior
    Bush Heritage marks the passing of Wunambal Gaambera elder Sylvester Mangolamara.
  • Honouring an exceptional contribution: Phillip Toyne
    Life membership is awarded to individuals who've made an exceptional contribution to our work.
  • From the CEO 
    "The success of Bush Heritage lies with the caring people who support our conservation work - people like you, our steadfast supporters, who make all our achievements possible."

Winter 2013

  • Hideaway home
    The tiny tammar wallaby has a secret our ecologists would love to know.
  • Country that gets under your skin
    A connection with the land is a legacy that Tasmanian Midlands farmer Julian von Bibra inherited from generations of his family.
  • Around your reserves in 90 days  
    What's been happening at our reserves around Australia.
  • Science and art: a restoration 
    Ecologist Justin Jonson has spent the last two years piecing back together a living mosaic of plants, animals and landscape at Monjebup North Reserve.
  • From the CEO
    Gerard O'Neill talks about our purchase of Naree Station.

Autumn 2013

  • Making it count at Naree
    It takes a whole lot of planning, preparation and people-power to uncover the true potential of any place, as the upcoming ‘bio-blitz' at Naree Station proves.
  • A place to breathe  
    As a Dutch-born immigrant, Grietje Croll first saw the Australian bush with fresh eyes - from the comfort of her new husband's tent.
  • Fighting feral cats at Charles Darwin  
    It's not just supporters like you who are helping scientists to protect native Australian animals on Bush Heritage reserves - school teachers are on board too.
  • From the CEO 
    Gerard O'Neill reports on his visit to Tarcutta Hills and introduces the new reserve managers at Naree Station.
  • Tag-along to Ethabuka Reserve 
    Point the wheels of your 4WD towards the Simpson Desert and join Bush Heritage Reserve Manager Peter Welldon for a five-day tag-along camping trip. 

Summer 2012

  • The magic of Naree 
    Our newest reserve is a remarkable place where woodlands and wetlands meet.
  • A love for life on Naree: the Brolga 
    With wings spread wide, the silver brolgas jump, dance, pirouette and prance...
  • The people who've loved Naree Station
    Naree has found a place in the hearts of many who've helped protect it.
  • Around Naree Station 
    From quiet waters to open woodlands, Naree has a surprise around every corner.
  • From the CEO 
    Gerard O'Neill pays tribute to Mo Pieterse and reflects on the purchase of Naree.

Spring 2012

  • The challenge of Yourka
    Five years ago, Yourka Reserve was a spectacular place, still waiting to be discovered.
  • Cosy at Kojonup
    How our Red-tailed Phascogales have progressed since translocation to Kojonup in 2010.
  • Walking with fire
    Our partnership with the Wunambal Gaambera people of the Kimberley.
  • Thank you
    In August thousands of you took part in our supporter survey!
  • From the CEO
    Gerard O'Neill sees good results at Charles Darwin Reserve in WA.

Winter 2012

  • Our wombat refuge
    The plains of Bon Bon Station have presented Glen Norris with a tricky challenge.
  • A special year at Carnarvon
    When the McLeans moved to  Carnarvon Reserve they discovered a special place.
  • Easter at Boolcoomatta
    A small army of volunteers rose early to help with our fauna survey.
  • Her bush memory
    A gift in memory of Judy Wheeler reminds us of the difference supporters can make.
  • From the CEO
    CEO Gerard O'Neill reflects on the challenges face by reserve staff and their families.

Autumn 2012

  • The fight for Ethabuka and Cravens Peak
    What gives someone the strength to battle one of Bush Heritage's greatest natural emergencies?
  • Scottsdale's peppery new resident
    The endangered aromatic peppercress has a new lease on life at Scottsdale Reserve.
  • Sowing seeds at Scottsdsale
    For six years Sue Connelly has volunteered in the Scottsdale nursery.
  • Eurardy through a photographer's lens
    Photographer and supporter Geoff Spanner captures Eurardy in all its glory.
  • Welcome from our new CEO
    New CEO Gerard O'Neill on what the bush means to him.

Summer 2011

  • Introducing your John Colahan Griffin Reserve
    In Victoria, friends and family met to commemorate a nature lover and witness his legacy.
  • Bobbin' robins
    Red-capped robins tell you plenty about the health of their habitat.
  • New hope for Edgbaston
    Freshwater ecologist Dr Adam Kerezsy has good news on the red-finned blue-eye.
  • Fire at Ethabuka Reserve
    Satellite images of the Simpson Desert showed fire on its way.
  • Desert Fishing Lessons
    Adam Kerezsy has published a book on his quest to understand freshwater fish.
  • From the CEO
    After 14 years at the helm, our CEO Doug Humann is moving on.

Spring 2011 (20th Birthday Edition)

  • Bob Brown - Founder of Bush Heritage
    "Thanks to you, Bush Heritage has weathered the seasons!"
  • The first 20 years
    A timeline of some of the significant events during our history
  • Alistair Dermer - Reserve Manager
    "I’ve always had a connection with the land, but at Ethabuka, the land became our life."
  • Ellie Sobey - Volunteer at Scotsdale
    "When I was looking for a practical way to put my environmental science studies to use, Bush Heritage was a natural fit."
  • Elizabeth George - Supporter
    "I’ve been very privileged to see the bushland in good times and bad.”
  • Matt Appleby - Ecologist
    "The bird life has increased dramatically, which is a great indicator of how the reserve is improving."
  • Simon McKeon - Australian of the Year
    "I've seen that everyone involved in the organisation is striving to one big goal, but decisions aren't made hastily."
  • Doug Humann - CEO of Bush Heritage
    "There I was, standing on the street with the cheque in my hand, unable to comprehend what had just happened."

Winter 2011

  • The gift of Oura Oura
    In April 2011 Bob Brown gave a gift unlike any other.
  • Flocking to Boolcoomatta
    Removal of stock and control of ferals has seen increases in native birds.
  • Carnarvon after the floods
    The Wilson family are looking forward to getting back home.
  • How to spot wallabies
    Peanut butter, cameras and spotlights are part of Sandra's tricks.
  • Possum magic
    We were lucky enough to call Catherine Arnold one of our most inspiring supporters.
  • Chingarrup, turner of hearts
    Eddy and Donna Wajon aren't the only ones who fell in love with Chingarrup.
  • From the CEO
    Doug Humann reflects on the 20th anniversary BBQs held around Australia.

Autumn 2011

  • Extinct no more!
    The robust greenhood orchid has been rediscovered at Nardoo Hills!
  • Desert wanderings
    Ecologist Max Tischler has experienced the Simpson Desert in a new way.
  • The yellow-footed rock wallaby
    Sighted at Boolcoomatta for the first time since 1924.
  • Bush Blitz at Bon Bon
    A scientific expedition has unveiled a wealth of species.
  • Stranded
    Drenching rains on Ethabuka and Cravens Peak provided a unique experience (and some challenges) for volunteers.
  • From the CEO
    Carnarvon Reserve had 274mm of rain in a day - a new record!

Summer 2010

  • The art of birdwatching
    If you hear some strange sounds escaping Glen Norris’s lips, he’s just practising his birdcalls.
  • Catch me if you can
    The bridled nailtail wallaby is as elusive as an animal gets.
  • Tracks in the dunes
    Nella Lithgow describes her work with husband Mark at Cravens Peak and Ethabuka reserves.
  • Residence for reptiles
    With some nifty thinking there are ways to offer reptiles habitat while Yarrabee’s trees grow.
  • Two decades of desert
    Chris Dickman from the University of Sydney on Ethabuka.
  • From the CEO
    From a plane window at 30,000 feet it's clear there's much to be done to better manage our landscapes. 

Spring 2010

  • Nature farmers
    Emma and Peter Ashton live a different kind of life on Boolcoomatta.
  • Mission ecological
    Not everyone’s job description includes saving a species.
  • Flying high
    The sound of helicopter blades at Yourka hails a new approach to fire.
  • In the spotlight
    The elusive Eyrean grasswren has been lured into the spotlight at Ethabuka.
  • Fit for a king
    The protection of a tiny island near Tasmania is the legacy of one man.
  • Supporter spot
    Most days, Dale Fuller is alone for miles around. But earlier this year, he played host to a crowd.
  • From the CEO
    At first glance, the malleefowl didn't strike me as a bird with much chance of long-term survival, but it didn’t take long to realise I was selling the creature short. 

Winter 2010

  • A trailblazing, tree-hopping marsupial?
    How the tiny red-tailed phascogale has become a trailblazer in our history.
  • Two men and a boat
    Max Tischler and Adam Kerezsy took a boat on their recent trip to the Simpson Desert.
  • Trees worth their weight in carbon
    At Chereninup Creek a forest of young trees has taken its place in the conversation about carbon.
  • Life on the edge
    How do southern hairy-nosed wombats cope with the heat? They're big-bodied and don't like company, but crowd in with their mates on one of the hottest and driest places on earth.
  • Life on Goonderoo
    Who needs TV when you’ve got a backyard like Goonderoo Reserve?
  • From the CEO
    An experience on two reserves in the rangelands of South Australia highlighted the critical nature of partnerships in achieving our conservation work.

Autumn 2010

  • Wildlife-rich jewel saved from the bulldozers
    Charlotte Francis tells of Bush Heritage’s new acquisition in the west.
  • The beating of wings on Charles Darwin
    Jim Radford, looks back over the first four years of bird monitoring on reserve.
  • Exploring Cravens Peak Reserve
    Visitation Coordinator Eve Jani describes the visual, educational and culinary delights of a three-day guided tour of Cravens Peak Reserve in western Queensland.
  • Working together for Conservation on Country
    The Wardekken traditional lands in the Northern Territory have recently been declared an Indigenous Protected Area.
  • From the CEO
    Monjebup North is our first acquisition in over 12 months.

Summer 2009 newsletter

Summer 2009 (PDF 2.3mb)

Summer 2009

  • Getting to grips with Yourka Reserve
    Queensland Herbarium botanist Jeanette Kemp joined staff to explore.
  • Edgbaston Reserve reveals its secrets
    In June we collected three new plants – all saltbushes that are endemic to the saline scalds that fringe the property’s natural springs.
  • Changing of the guard at Bon Bon Station Reserve
    Glen Norris has been appointed Bon Bon’s first full-time Reserve Manager.
  • Fire on Bush Heritage reserves 
    Both Goonderoo and Carnarvon Station have seen recent fires.
  • From the CEO
    Doug Humann on good news in the Annual Report and changes to our Board.
Spring 2009 newsletter

Spring 2009 (PDF 1.5mb)

Spring 2009

  • Investing in fire management
    Why actively managing fire is fundamental to protecting most Australian ecosystems.
  • Species discovery blitz at Charles Darwin Reserve
    As our knowledge grows, we continue to fine-tune our management plans.
  • News from Gondwana Link
    The aim is to conserve and restore a 1,000km swathe of forest, woodland, heath and mallee.
  • Restoration work at Eurardy Reserve
    Ecologist Dr Hugh Pringle and Elizabeth Lescheid on erosion problems in Bungabandi Creek.
  • From the CEO
    Doug Humann on initial results from the Yourka Bio Blitz.
Winter 2009 newsletter

Winter 2009 (PDF 2.7mb)

Winter 2009

  • A partnership in the Kimberley
    Bush Heritage is collaborating with Wunambal Gaambera people.
  • Monitoring climate change in Western Australia
    The Conservation Council of WA has set up a climate change observatory at Charles Darwin.
  • Conservation partnerships – the low-down
    Why is working with partners important for Bush Heritage, and what are the benefits?
  • From the CEO
    A recent highlight has been the ‘species discovery blitz’ held at Charles Darwin Reserve, WA.
Autumn 2009 newsletter

Autumn 2009 (PDF 1.2mb)

Autumn 2009

  • Protecting Tasmania's biodiversity hotspot
    The Tasmanian Land Conservancy's CEO Nathan Males and our ecologist Dr Matt Appleby on an exciting new conservation initiative.
  • A day on a desert reserve
    Nella and Mark Lithgow are reserve managers at Cravens Peak and Ethabuka, two major arid-zone properties bordering the Simpson Desert.
  • Endangered orchid found at Nardoo Hills
    We have confirmed the occurrence of a very rare orchid – the northern golden moths.
  • From the CEO
    Doug Humann on the global financial crisis and its likely effects.

Summer 2008 newsletter

Summer 2008 (PDF 1.6mb)

Summer 2008

  • Volunteering at Cravens Peak
    Volunteers Max and Margaret Bourke on setting up the herbarium.
  • The Kosciuszko to Coast landscape partnership
    Ben Carr on restoring fragmented landscapes in the Kosciuszko to Coast project.
  • Wildflower season at Eurardy Reserve
    Autumn and winter rains ushered in a bumper wildflower season this spring.
  • 2008 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species
    The International Union for Conservation of Nature released its annual list of the world’s endangered species.
  • Driving conservation in Western Australia
    A key partnership has been formed with the Royal Automobile Club (RAC) of WA.
  • From the CEO
    We're still in the midst of an environmental crisis.
Spring 2008 newsletter

Spring 2008 (PDF 2.3mb)

Spring 2008

  • Edgbaston Station teeming with life
    Dr Rod Fensham from the Queensland Herbarium on his first visit.
  • The wallabies of Gondwana Link
    The Tammar wallaby was once so common, it was a reliable food source for the Noongar people.
  • Bidjara people at Carnarvon Station Reserve
    Working together to record and manage cultural sites and values.
  • The Kaanju Ngaachi Indigenous Protected Area
    David Claudie and Sarah Eccles celebrate this partnership in Cape York.
  • Handing over a work in progress at Boolcoomatta Reserve
    Hear from outgoing reserve managers Paul and Bec O’Leary.
  • Action for climate change
    We're a proud participant in the Planet Action program, an international initiative using spatial information systems to study the global effects of climate change.
  • From the CEO
    On the day we announced the acquisition of Bon Bon, Doug Humann was visiting Edgbaston.
Winter 2008 newsletter

Winter 2008(PDF 1.7mb)

Winter 2008

  • Bird monitoring in woodland refuge areas
    Dr Jim Radford with results of bird monitoring in the South-East Grassy Box Woodlands.
  • Understanding the ecology of Gondwana Link
    An innovative project that will help with management of Gondwana Link properties.
  • Unlocking the secrets of an inland river
    Carissa Free, PhD student at the University of Queensland, on her three-year study of the Field River, which flows through Ethabuka Reserve.
  • A smaller carbon footprint at Eurardy Reserve
    Glen Norris waxes lyrical about Eurardy’s new remote area power supply.
  • From the CEO
    We recognise the importance of funding the National Reserve System, which provides $2 for every $1 we get from donations towards new reserves.
Autumn 2008 newsletter

Autumn 2008 (PDF 1.1mb)

Autumn 2008

  • A vast new reserve in South Australia
    Ecologist Dr Steve Morton is Vice-President of Bush Heritage and conducted the property assessment of Bon Bon Station
  • Solving an erosion problem – the fate of Trapper’s Dam
    A success story from Carnarvon Station Reserve Manager Darren Larcombe
  • Anchors in the Landscape – three years of achievements
    What Bush Heritage has achieved with funds raised through the Anchors in the Landscape campaign
  • From the CEO
    Thanks to our supporters we're on track to reaching our target of helping to conserve 1% of Australia by 2025.

Summer 2007 newsletter
Summer 2007
 (PDF 1mb)

Summer 2007

  • Yourka protected
    Thanks to all our supporters who helped buy Yourka Station in far-north Queensland.
  • Monitoring what we do
    Applied Ecology Manager Paul Foreman explains the importance of monitoring work.
  • A new reserve in NSW
    Supporter Louise Sylvan has donated her 55 hectare property ‘Nameless’.
  • Noongar cultural values assessment
    Indigenous partnership officers Ken Hayward and Sarah Eccles on cultural values assessments at Gondwana Link properties.
  • Open Day and plants returning
    Reserve managers Andrea and Kurt Tschirner and Ecologist Hugh Pringle report on the return of plant species to Charles Darwin Reserve.
  • From the CEO
    Thanks to our supporters 2006-07 has been a year of achievement.
Spring 2007 newsletter
Spring 2007
 (PDF 731kb)

Spring 2007

  • Yourka Station - an iconic property in far-north Queensland
    Ecologist David Baker-Gabb and Bush Heritage’s Mel Sheppard were part of the initial team that assessed Yourka Station for potential acquisition
  • Noongar cultural heritage on Chereninup Creek Reserve
    Noongar traditional lands extend across the Gondwana Link properties in Western Australia, including Chereninup Creek Reserve.
  • Bidjara cultural connections at Carnarvon Station Reserve
    Indigenous Partnership Officer Sarah Eccles explains the involvement of the Bidjara people.
  • Using fire at Reedy Creek Reserve
    Managing land adjacent to a residential development creates unique issues.
  • From the CEO
    Being strategic about where we work and carefully selecting the properties that we protect or manage with others are critical to our long-term effectiveness.
Winter 2007 newsletter
Winter 2007
 (PDF 1.4mb)

Winter 2007

  • Putting the jigsaw back together
    Can you imagine Australia as a giant jigsaw made up of millions of pieces?
  • Revegetation in Western Australia
    You could get lost in the revegetation at Chereninup Creek Reserve now. It's looking fantastic!
  • Restoration of Carnarvon grasslands
    Once Carnarvon had been acquired, the stock were removed and we began a regime of ecological burning.
  • Scottsdale Reserve launch
    High up on Scottsdale Reserve’s sunny plateau in NSW, a crowd gathered on 27 March 2007 to celebrate the protection of this outstanding area.
  • From the CEO
    Two new reserves launched.
Autumn 2007 newsletter

Autumn 2007 (PDF 1.1mb)

Autumn 2007

  • Our partners – we couldn’t do without them
    Contributors to this article include John Long, Museum Victoria, Alison Howes and Martine Maron, University of Southern Queensland, and Colleen Kredell.
  • In the field at Eurardy
    Leanne and Paul Hales have just completed 12 months managing Eurardy Reserve.
  • The Thomas Challenge
    David Thomas, a prominent Australian philanthropist and businessman, has challenged Australians to match his personal commitment of $10 million and raise a record $20 million.
  • Rick Farley Memorial Scholarship awarded
    The inaugural Rick Farley Memorial Scholarship for Indigenous people working in conservation management was awarded to Wandandian man Darren Brown.
  • The evolution of Bush Heritage
    Last year the Board agreed it was time to revitalise our name and logo.
  • From the CEO
    Earth’s natural forces have been in everyone's minds over the summer, perhaps more than ever before.

Summer 2006 newsletter
Summer 2006
 (PDF 2mb)

Summer 2006

  • Scottsdale – the land and its river
    Bush Heritage Beyond the Boundaries Coordinator Stuart Cowell describes the newest Bush Heritage reserve
  • A wrap-up of the past year
    It's been a wonderful 12 months, and you, our supporters, have achieved some extraordinary things.
  • Blitzing the weeds at Charles Darwin Reserve
    Andrea and Kurt Tschirner, reserve managers at Charles Darwin Reserve, report on the latest weed blitz
  • From the President
    On any measure 2005-06 has seen some fantastic achievements.
Spring 2006 newsletter
Spring 2006
 (PDF 1.2mb)

Spring 2006

  • Gondwana Link – a new reserve
    Stuart Cowell is managing the Bush Heritage contribution to Gondwana Link in south-west Western Australia
  • Chilling out in central Queensland
    Reserve Manager Darren Larcombe and his wife Sandy thank the volunteers who visited Carnarvon Station in June
  • Remembering Rick Farley
    A Board member since 2002, Rick Farley died in May in a tragic accident.
  • From the CEO
    Now, with 24 reserves in all and at least one in each state, we protect over 670 000 hectares of critical habitats.
Winter 2006 newsletter
Winter 2006
 (PDF 2.4mb)

Winter 2006

  • Boolcoomatta – South Australia on the Bush Heritage map
    As a potential conservation reserve, Boolcoomatta stood out from the start.
  • A new reserve in the Nardoo Hills, Victoria
    David Baker-Gabb is Reserve Overseer for both reserves in the Nardoo Hills..
  • Insights into our desert world
    Chin Liang Beh, Bobby Tamayo and Chris Dickman are ecologists with the Institute of Wildlife Research, University of Sydney, and have been undertaking research at Ethabuka for many years.
  • Eurardy – an ecological blitz
    Staff ecologist Sandy Gilmore describes work done at Eurardy in 2005.
  • From the CEO
    We celebrate an unprecedented partnership that's seen Boolcoomatta Station become our newest reserve.
Autumn 2006 newsletter
Autumn 2006
 (PDF 1.4mb)

Autumn 2006

  • Anchors in the Landscape – protecting our natural heritage
    Bush Heritage CEO Doug Humann outlines Bush Heritage's long-term goals and an ambitious new fundraising campaign already achieving results for conservation
  • Working bees: pivotal in conservation management
    We're developing a model, to be used Australia-wide, based on the month-long working bee held at Charles Darwin Reserve,WA, in 2005
  • Fan Palm Reserve, Qld. You can visit!
    Lowland rainforest is one of the most diverse habitat types on earth. It's also one of the most depleted.
  • From the President
    Take a moment from the rush of daily life to consider what you might be able to commit to supporting our ambitious conservation campaign.

Summer 2005 newsletter
Summer 2005
 (PDF 2.7mb)

Summer 2005

  • Our latest purchase – another bit of the outback
    Our latest reserve, Cravens Peak, is ‘just down the road’ from Ethabuka Reserve in far-western  Queensland.
  • Anchors in the landscape
    A long-term perspective on the role of Bush Heritage reserves in providing a genuine conservation solution.
  • Weeds, work and sticky date pudding
    Wendy Radford was a volunteer at the recent weeding blitz at Charles Darwin Reserve, Western Australia
  • From the CEO
    Bush Heritage has secured its 21st reserve – Cravens Peak – and it's stunning.
Spring 2005 newsletter
Spring 2005
 (PDF 1.5mb)

Spring 2005

  • Rain at Ethabuka? I’d like to see that!
    Julian Fennessy, Paul Foreman and Murray Haseler explain the remarkable event that brought life back to Ethabuka
  • Flight from Ethabuka
    Supporter Jane Lennon recounts her journey from Ethabuka after the rain. Over a few days the rainfall total climbed over 120 mm, roads were declared impassable and staff and supporters were marooned.
  • Eurardy – wild with flowers
    Bush Heritage Conservation Programs Manager Paul Foreman provides an update on Eurardy and the bumper wildflower season expected.
  • From the CEO
    Many parts of Australia have been blessed by good rain in recent months and Bush Heritage properties in NSW, Queensland and Western Australia are no exception.
Winter 2005 newsletter
Winter 2005
 (PDF 4mb)

Winter 2005

  • Our wildflower haven, Eurardy, soon to be protected
    Once again your outstanding generosity will save a special part of Australia.
  • As the dust settles…
    Alastair Dermer and Karen Harrland on their first summer at Ethabuka.
  • The secret life of a volunteer ranger
    Joelle Metcalf and Julian Fennessy on the vital importance of volunteer rangers.
  • Impressions of Burrin Burrin Reserve
    In June 2003 photographer Wayne Lawler spent several days at Burrin Burrin Reserve.
  • Making a good thing even better
    Leigh Whisson and Jackie Courtenay need help with weed control at Charles Darwin Reserve.
  • From the CEO
Autumn 2005 newsletter
Autumn 2005
 (PDF 1.5mb)

Autumn 2005

  • A wildflower treasure chest will be the next reserve
    The spring wildflower displays in south-west Western Australia are legendary.
  • Gondwana Link: your new reserve
    Your gifts have helped to buy and protect two new properties in Australia’s only internationally recognised biodiversity hotspot.
  • Mareeba Wetland Foundation and Bush Heritage
    Conservation Programs Manager Stuart Cowell explains a new partnership.
  • Work begins at Reedy Creek Reserve
    Mel Sheppard and Steve Heggie, Reserve Managers at Reedy Creek Reserve in Queensland, are now on the job.
  • From the CEO

Summer 2004 newsletter
Summer 2004
 (PDF 3.1mb)

Summer 2004

  • Our first reserve in Victoria
    Fundraising team member Kate Fitzherbert travelled to north-central Victoria to visit our first reserve in the state.
  • Ethabuka – just add water
    Landscape Ecologist Phil Cullen explores the arid-zone ecology of the plants and animals at Ethabuka, Queensland.
  • Green Corps at work
    Carl Rudd, our Contract Reserve Overseer for Queensland, reports on the work of the Green Corps teams.
  • From the CEO
    Doug Humann on Bush Heritage moving to Melbourne and the completion of the annual audit, which confirmed it's been a phenomenal year.
Spring 2004 newsletter
Spring 2004
 (PDF 1.9mb)

Spring 2004

  • Gondwana Link revisited
    Conservation Programs Manager Stuart Cowell describes a crucial habitat area in the Fitzgerald to Stirling stage of Gondwana Link – hopefully, our next reserve
  • Visiting Bush Heritage reserves
    Conservation Partnerships Program Coordinator Nathan Males and Reserve Visitation Officer Karen Harrland bring us up to date on opportunities to visit.
  • Funding the future
    Bequest Officer Anne Peedom spoke with a special supporter
  • Hunter Island update
  • Volunteer rangers
  • From the CEO - Doug Humann
    Our newest acquisitions – Ethabuka and Reedy Creek in Queensland, demonstrate our flexibility.
Winter 2004 newsletter
Winter 2004
 (PDF 1.5mb)

Winter 2004

  • New Reedy Creek Reserve, Queensland
    A gift of 452 hectares of remnant vegetation and coastal habitats in one of Queensland’s prime coastal zones will be our next reserve.
  • Impressions of Brogo
    Photographer Wayne Lawler visited Brogo Reserve in the Bega Valley of New South Wales in June 2003.
  • Ethabuka – a new era
    Ecologist Murray Haseler was the first staff member at Ethabuka Reserve.
  • Charles Darwin Reserve one year on
    Drought, baking heat, flood and tempest, as well as many notable events involving goats, have kept reserve manager Leigh Whisson and his wife Jackie Courtenay wondering what will happen next.
  • From the CEO - Doug Humann
    Our reserves are not islands in the surrounding terrain but a part of the broader landscape. It's important we're a positive influence beyond our reserve boundaries.
Autumn 2004 newsletter
Autumn 2004
 (PDF 1.8mb)

Autumn 2004

  • From outback to ocean – a new island reserve
    Having just purchased Ethabuka in the outback, we're now contracted to purchase the grazing lease on Hunter Island in Bass Strait.
  • Carnarvon Station Reserve three years on
    Carnarvon has seen a dramatic change in management style in the past three years and, like a chameleon, is changing its colours and patterns in response.
  • From the CEO
    2004 is off to a flying start and Doug Humann has updates that include new interpretive signs at our Liffey Valley reserves and a new agreement with the Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC).

Summer 2003 newsletter
Summer 2003
 (PDF 1.1mb)

Summer 2003

  • Ethabuka – through the lens
    Bush Heritage ecologist Murray Haseler and photographer Wayne Lawler spent ten days at Ethabuka in late September assessing future
    management issues and taking photographs.
  • Fencing in and out
    Stuart Cowell, Leigh Whisson, Murray Haseler and Kate Fitzherbert report on the strategic use of fencing in feral-animal control.
  • The gift of a lifetime
    Bush Heritage bequest officer Anne Peedom spoke with a special supporter, Mr Warwick Evans, on the motivations behind his bequest.
  • From the CEO
    In recent months I've promoted our work to audiences across the length and breadth of Australia and North America. The fact that land in
    Australia can be purchased for less than US$2 per acre reinforced the case.
Spring 2003 newsletter
Spring 2003
 (PDF 1.3mb)

Spring 2003

  • A desert wildlife haven – the next reserve
    Bush Heritage Ecologist Phil Cullen describes our newest reserve – Ethabuka, a 214,000-hectare pastoral lease on the northern edge of the Simpson Desert.
  • Chereninup revegetation – a national first
    One of the largest biodiversity revegetation projects in Australia has just been completed on the Bush Heritage Chereninup Creek Reserve in Western Australia.
  • Working beyond the fence
    Conservation Partnerships Program Coordinator Nathan Males has been working closely with a neighbour at our Tarcutta Hills Reserve in New South Wales.
  • From the President
    Phillip Toyne on the Board's decision to relocate the national office to Melbourne by early 2005.
Winter 2003 newsletter
Winter 2003
 (PDF 965kb)

Winter 2003

  • Another reserve at Liffey
    In 1992, as Bob Brown was building the Australian Bush Heritage Fund, Dr Judy Henderson was buying land.
  • The conservation value of Bush Heritage reserves
    In the 12 years since our establishment we've grown from two small reserves totalling 241 ha, to being the nation’s most widely supported organisation with a mission to purchase private land for conservation.
  • Springing back to life
    Clear water seeping from underground aquifers fills and maintains a series of surface pools at twelve sites on Carnarvon Station Reserve (Qld).
  • Impressions of Currumbin
    Professional photographer Wayne Lawler has spent a number of weeks collecting images in our Currumbin Reserve.
  • Work begins at Charles Darwin Reserve
    Don Royal recounts his first weeks as volunteer at Charles Darwin Reserve.
  • From the CEO
    In April the Federal Government released the Australian Terrestrial Biodiversity Assessment 2002, which assesses the condition of Australia’s landscape and biodiversity and predicts where current trends will lead us if allowed to continue.
Autumn 2003 newsletter
Autumn 2003
 (PDF 855kb)

Autumn 2003

  • Your success in Western Australia
    Phil Cullen, Landscape Ecologist and Stuart Cowell, Conservation Programs Manager were in Western Australia to take ownership of White Wells Station.
  • Setting priorities for land purchase
    We're now acutely aware of the degree of environmental damage our country has suffered, and the urgent need for an effort to slow, and then reverse, this damage.
  • Revegetation at Chereninup
    We've struck the first blows for revegetating the cleared land on Chereninup to form a habitat corridor between the Reserve’s native bushland and the adjacent Peniup Nature Reserve.
  • Photo: Wayne Lawler/Ecopix
    Wayne has been a loyal supporter of Bush Heritage for many years and played a vital role in helping us to get our message out through his beautiful images of our reserves.
  • From the CEO
    I’m delighted to announce the successful purchase of the outstanding property, White Wells Station, in the wheatbelt of Western Australia. It's now known as the Charles Darwin Reserve.

Summer 2002 newsletter
Summer 2002
 (PDF 881kb)

Summer 2002

  • The next reserve: A biodiversity ‘Hot Spot’
    With help from colleagues in Western Australia, Bush Heritage has recently assessed over 20 properties for potential acquisition. Four have been short-listed.
  • Managing Carnarvon’s grasslands
    Carnarvon Station in central Queensland, with its endangered bluegrass (Dichantheum sericeum) communities and other grasslands, presents us with the challenge of managing these important resources.
  • Our future reserves
    Rod Fensham is Principal Botanist at the Queensland Herbarium, and is a supporter, adviser and regular volunteer scientist for Bush Heritage.
  • Bush Heritage reserve selection criteria
    Joss Bentley heads the Reserve Management Unit and is involved in the selection of Bush Heritage land purchases.
  • From the CEO
    The events in the USA on 11 September and subsequent developments have had a profound effect on most of us.
Spring 2002 newsletter
Spring 2002
 (PDF 2.3mb)

Spring 2002

  • Western Australia - again in the spotlight
    The tremendous support for Chereninup Creek left us with enough funds to purchase another important property in the Gondwana Link area.
  • Dunnies, smokewater, salt and other science
    Choosing the right site for an environmentally friendly dunny might seem straightforward, as might the revegetation of an old quarry site. Yet seemingly simple decisions can often be quite complex.
  • Gondwana Link
    We're now a major stakeholder in this visionary project initiated in WA by the Fitzgerald Biosphere Group, Friends of the Fitzgerald, Greening Australia (WA), The Malleefowl Preservation Group Inc. and The Wilderness Society (WA).
  • From the CEO
    Recent national reports, including the State of the Environment Report 2001, have highlighted the global value of Australia’s biodiversity.
Winter 2002 newsletter
Winter 2002
 (PDF 875kb)

Winter 2002

  • Chereninup Creek Reserve
    We're delighted to confirm the first steps to protecting Chereninup Creek Reserve, in the Ongerup district of south-west Western Australia.
  • Reserve management – a long term commitment
    For each of our properties, the thrill of acquisition is followed by the challenge of fulfilling our commitment to ‘manage for the long-term’.
  • Surveys build knowledge
    Staff members Phil Cullen (landscape ecologist), Joss Bentley (ecologist) and Matt Dell (geomorphologist and GIS) and volunteer assistant and photographer Chris Darwin recently surveyed Carnarvon’s vegetation and landforms.
  • From the CEO
    Our exciting news is that at the time of printing we're anticipating the exchange of contracts for Chereninup Creek Reserve.
Autumn 2002 newsletter
Autumn 2002
 (PDF 3mb)

Autumn 2002

  • Chereninup Creek – a new reserve
    Our new 877 ha property 140 km north-east of Albany in south-west WA.
  • Management at Liffey River & Drys Bluff
    Updated management plans for Drys Bluff and Liffey River Reserves, in Tasmania.
  • Erith Island
    National Park status for the entire Kent Group of islands, including Erith Island.
  • From the CEO
    Thanks for your generous support of our appeal to buy Chereninup Creek.
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