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Northern Territory

Total land protected: 4.5 million hectares

Arafura Partnership

Map showing the Arafura Swamp locationEstablished: 2014
Area: 1.2 million hectares / 1,200km²
Location: 450 km east of Darwin, 230 km east of Jabiru

​Guruwiling (Arafura Swamp) is the largest freshwater ecosystem in Arnhem Land and one of the largest contiguous paperbark swamps in Australia. It features large areas of paperbark forest, numerous lagoons, grass and sedgeland plains, floating mat communities, sandstone hills, sinkholes and springs. The swamp is fringed by extensive woodlands along with numerous patches of rainforest. We've supported the Arafura Swamp Rangers Aboriginal Corporation with conservation planning, governance, implementing conservation activities and monitoring outcomes.


Map of Mimal location

Established: 2016
Partnership area: 1.9 million hectares
Location: 250km east of Katherine

Mimal Country abutts the Warddeken Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) to the north-west and the Gurruwiling (Arafura Swamp) region to the north-east. Combined these create significant connectivity, extending west to include Kakadu and Nitmiluk National Parks and the Djelk IPA to the north. Our role has been to help implement the Healthy Country Plan, focusing on the protection and rehabilitation of important freshwater resources to strengthen cultural connections to country, and support local knowledge with the recording of stories associated with these important places.

Warddeken Partnership

Map of Warrdeken locationEstablished: 2007
Area: 1.4 million hectares / 1,400km²
Location: 230km east of Darwin, 30km west of Jabiru

We've worked in partnership with Warddeken Land Management since 2007 (when they were known as as the Manwurrk Rangers) to support the development and implementation of a plan of management for the Warddeken Indigenous Protected Area. The plan will ensure the sustainable management of the region for conservation, and the protection of important cultural sites under the direction of the Nawardekken Traditional Owners.