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Northern Territory

Partnerships with Aboriginal groups in the Northern Territory help protect 4.5 million hectares.

Arafura partnership

Established: 2014
Area: 1.2 million ha
Location: 450km east of Darwin

​Guruwiling (Arafura Swamp) is the largest freshwater ecosystem in Arnhem Land and one of the largest contiguous paperbark swamps in Australia. We’ve supported the Arafura Swamp Rangers with planning, governance, conservation work and monitoring.

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Plumed Whistling-ducks. Photo by Daniel Hartley-Allen.

Mimal partnership

Established: 2016
Area: 1.9 million ha
Location: 250km east of Katherine

Mimal Country abuts the Warddeken IPA to the north-west and Gurruwiling (Arafura Swamp) to the north-east, creating significant connectivity. We’ve helped implement the Healthy Country Plan, focusing on important freshwater resources.

Brown Falcon. Photo Ben  Parkhurst.

Warddeken partnership

Established: 2007
Area: 1.4 million ha
Location: 230km east of Darwin

We’ ve helped support the development and implementation of a management plan for the Warddeken IPA. The plan ensures sustainable management for conservation, and the protection of important cultural sites.

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Victor Garlngarr and Barbara Gurwalwal at a rock art gallery. © David Hancock.

Waanyi Garawa

Location: Gulf of Carpentaria

An emerging partnership on the Northern Territory/Queensland border. We’ve supported an annual culture camp and wildlife survey since 2016 to help people reconnect with country. With the Northern Land Council, we've also helped support a first Healthy Country Planning Workshop towards developing a Healthy Country Plan and establishing a working group.

Purple-crowned Fairy Wren. Photo Terry Mahney.