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Our reserves in Victoria protect over 2,600 hectares.

Bellair | Buckrabanyule | J.C. Griffin | John Douglas | Lawan | Nardoo Hills | Ngulambarra | The Roundhouse | Sanstrom

White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike. Photo Jeroen van Veen.


Established: 2019
Area: 260 ha
Location: 165km north west of Melbourne

Part of a network of conservation properties protecting and reconnecting native habitat within the Kara Kara-Wedderburn region of north-central Victoria. It's named after generous donors Caroline and Terry Bellair.

 Landscape at Buckrabanyule. Photo Ste Heppell.


Established: 2021
Area: 452 ha
Location: 270km north west of Melbourne

Characterised by a granite outcrop rising 314m above sea level, Buckrabanyule is a site of cultural significance and connected to the Dja Dja Wurrung creation story. It’s a resting place of Mindi, a great serpent and enforcer of Cultural Lore.

 Red Cross Spider Orchid. Photo Matthew Newton.

J.C. Griffin Reserve

Established: 2011
Area: 96 ha
Location: 185km north west of Melbourne

John Colahan Griffin wanted to leave a legacy and this reserve is his special gift – an ancient woodland for bushland birds, endangered reptiles and mammals, and a place where rare and beautiful plants such as the Red-cross Spider Orchid can thrive.

J.C. Griffin Nature Reserve
Southern Boobook Owl. Photo Jeroen van Veen.

John Douglas

Established: 2022
Area: 185 ha
Location: 185km north west of Melbourne

A ‘stepping stone’ between our J.C. Griffin and Bellair reserves, this property contains quality Heathy Woodland, a creek line of grassy woodland, as well as Yellowgum and Buloke woodland. It supports many woodland birds such as the Black-chinned Honeyeater, Brown Treecreeper, Diamond Firetail and Hooded Robin (to name just a few).

The John Douglas Block
 Landscape at Lawan Reserve. Photo Annette Ruzicka.


Established: 2020
Area: 203 ha
Location: 165km north west of Melbourne

Named after the Dja Dja Wurrung word for Malleefowl. It’s wedged right between two isolated blocks of the Wychitella Nature Conservation Reserve. By re-vegetating 70 hectares of this 203 hectare property we’re helping create a connected bushland corridor.

Rufous Whistler with prey. Photo Rowan Mott.

Nardoo Hills

Established: 2004
Area: 1,007 ha
Location: 210km north west of Melbourne

Since European settlement Victoria has lost 83% of its woodlands to land clearance. Combined with drier weather this has seen a dramatic decline in woodland birds. These reserves are one of the few healthy examples of grassy box and box-ironbark woodlands left.

Nardoo Hills Reserves
More on Ngulambarra


Established: 2021
Area: 346 ha
Location: 165km north west of Melbourne

Nestled between Lawan Reserve and Mt Egbert (or Ngarri), which is part of the Wychitella Nature Conservation Reserve managed by Parks Victoria. This reserve is well known for beautiful rocky outcrops called The Granites and its cultural significance. Its name is taken from the Djaara word for ‘meeting place’.

Annelie Holden at the Round House.

The Round House

Established: 2021
Area: 87 ha
Location: 100km north Melbourne

The perfect setting for us to bring donors, staff and corporate partners to share ideas, collaborate, and inspire them with our work. The Round House is an engagement-focused reserve, generously gifted by long-term supporter, Annelie Holden.

The Round House
Striated Pardalote. Photo Anthony Darlington.


Established: 2024
Area: 159 ha
Location: 185km north west of Melbourne

This small property joins up our J.C. Griffin Reserve and John Douglas blocks, making it a crucial piece in connecting remnant woodlands of the Kara-Kara Wedderbern area, Dja Dja Wurrung Country, in central Victoria.

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