Visit our reserves

We want to give supporters a chance to visit the properties they generously help conserve, so we open reserves when conservation and safety considerations permit.

Some reserves are open for day trips only. Others have basic camping facilities and each year we offer a number of guided tours. Bookings are essential for camping and guided visits. Please allow up to 48 hours for confirmation.

Given the current severe fire season around Australia, please be diligent with checking conditions on one of the many available emergency fire and weather apps, before choosing to take a self-guided visit to one of our properties. Please do not visit if fire danger is rated 'very high' or above, or in any adverse weather conditions.

Details of guided tours in 2020 will be available soon.


Map showing Carnarvon Station Reserve

Carnarvon Station Reserve

The reserve is open for extended staysCamping (May to Sep)
Central Queensland's spectacular Carnarvon Reserve is one of the few remaining strongholds for woodland species largely lost to the rest of eastern Australia. We recommend a minimum stay of 2 days.
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Map showing Currumbin Valley Reserve

Currumbin Valley Reserve

The reserve is open for self-guided walksDay trip (self guided)
Tucked into the hinterland of Queensland's bustling Gold Coast, Currumbin Valley Reserve protects a precious piece of rainforest from the nearby frenzy of development.
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Map showing Reedy Creek Reserve

Reedy Creek Reserve

The reserve is open for self-guided walksDay trip (self guided)
Take a walk along the Reedy Creek board walk. This short but spectacular forest walk will take you into the heart of a very special type of forest, rarely seen in such pristine condition.
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South Australia

Map showing Boolcoomatta Reserve

Boolcoomatta Reserve

iconCamping (June to August)
Boolcoomatta is a spectacular landscape of sweeping plains, Mulga Woodlands, sinuous River Red Gum lined floodways and rocky outcrops. You'll appreciate the reserve's abundant birdlife. We recommend a minimum stay of 2 days.
More details (registrations will re-open in March) >


Map showing Liffey Valley Reserves

Liffey Valley Reserves

iconDay trip (self guided)
Get to know a truly magical wilderness. At Liffey River Reserve, stroll along Page's Creek and through stunning rainforest, keeping an eye out for some of the abundant local wildlife. Bob Brown's house at Oura Oura Reserve, nestled under the imposing Drys Bluff, has played a significant role in Australia's conservation movement.
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Western Australia

Map showing Charles Darwin ReserveCharles Darwin Reserve

iconCamping (June to Sep)

Explore the rich diversity of flora and fauna, which occurs within Australia's only internationally recognised biodiversity hotspot. Booking is essential (minimum stay of 2 days).
More details (registrations will re-open in March) >

Chereninup Creek Reserve

Chereninup Creek has been closed to self-guided visits as of 17 Jan 2020. This is due to safety and management requirements. It is unlikely to be reopened in the foreseeable future.

Map showing Hamelin Station Reserve

Hamelin Station Stay

iconCaravan camping, or station stay (April to October)
Hamelin Station has 32km of coast line bordering the Shark Bay World Heritage area, including Hamelin Pool. Guests can immerse themselves in the outback experience in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.
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Map showing Kojonup Reserve

Kojonup Reserve

iconDay trip (self-guided)
WA's Kojonup Reserve stands out from the nearby cleared country as a chaotic, magical bushland filled with chattering bird life.
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