Camp at Boolcoomatta (SA)

This reserve is currently closed. We'll reopen it for visitor registrations in 2021.

  • Reopen dates: June to September 2021, registrations available from April
  • Traditional owners: Both the Adnyamathanha and Wiljakali people
  • Requirements: See Boolcoomatta Camping Guide ( 730kb), which includes details of COVID-19 requirements.

Looking west from Dome Rock toward the Olary Hills
Looking west from Dome Rock toward the Olary Hills
Photo: by Craig Allen

Boolcoomatta Reserve is in eastern South Australia, north of the Barrier Hwy. It’s about 100km west of Broken Hill and 470km north east of Adelaide.

The landscape features open mulga woodlands and natural waterholes supporting species such as Gould's Wattled Bat, Blue Bonnets and Red-backed Kingfishers.

Down on the saltbush plains Orange Chats, Chirruping Wedgebills, Bearded Dragons and large flocks of Emus go about their business. And watching over all of this are the dramatic Olary Ranges – some of the oldest rocks in Australia.

A group of Emus wandering the plains. Photo Wayne Lawler / EcoPix.
A group of Emus wandering the plains. Photo Wayne Lawler / EcoPix.

Boolcoomatta camp ground is a small, simple bush camp located about 4km from the homestead. It's predominantly open country with some Casuarina trees dotted throughout the landscape. 

There are a number of self-guided driving tours around the property and we recommend a minimum stay of two days. As camping spaces are limited and conditions variable, booking ahead is essential.

Track to the Olary Hills
Track to the Olary Hills
Photo: Wayne Lawler / Ecopix

Download our Camping Guide above for details of the facilities, vehicle requirements and preparation. You will need to be self-sufficient. Contact Katrina Blake on (03) 8610 9124 or [email protected] if you have any follow up questions.

While there's no camping fee, a donation towards your stay would be greatly appreciated and will help us continue the important work in protecting reserves such as Boolcoomatta. Donations can be made anytime online, or through forms available at the reserve.

Bookings are managed during business hours Monday to Friday (AEST) and may take 48 hours to confirm.