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Visit Reedy Creek (Qld)

Before visiting - please first check the Queensland COVID-19 travel restrictions and follow the required physical distancing practices.

Reedy Creek Visitor's Guide & maps ( 600kb)

Reedy Creek Reserve, protects an intact patch of endangered Queensland coastal and riparian forest including an extensive paperbark and fan palm swamp.

Paperbark forest walk

This short (400m or 45 minutes) but spectacular forest walk will take you into the heart of a very special type of forest, rarely seen in such pristine condition.

Stepping stones around the walking track. Photo Steve Heggie.
Stepping stones around the walking track. Photo Steve Heggie.
The track is designed with stepping stones and boardwalk areas, which makes it possible to penetrate the thick lush undergrowth and tiptoe through the wetlands (without getting your feet wet) until you’re completely surrounded by hundreds of Paperbark Tree trunks and the majestic green fronds of Cabbage Palm.

Keep an eye out for butterflies and richly coloured fungi while keeping your ears listening for frog calls as you pass through their habitat.

Note: This walk is suitable for most ages and fitness levels but you’ll face obstacles, stepping stones, fallen debris, water crossings, steps and rough surfaces requiring good balance.

Red Rocks walking trail

While you’re in the area this is another great walk to do. It covers 6km and will take at least 2.5 hours (return). Take plenty of water. The track hugs the coastline and provides a great contrast to the paperbark forest.

While Bush Heritage doesn’t own this land, we're responsible for helping to manage it.

Explore 360-degree images from the Paperbark Forest Walk below. Green arrows take you forwards and Red retrace your steps.

The icons at the bottom will toggle the sound on and off and hide/show the map to extend your view.