A map showing the location of our Bunuba partnership.

Established: 2014
Partnership area: 650,000 ha / 6,500 km2
Partnership location: The Kimberley, North of Fitzroy Crossing, WA

Bunuba country is in the central-west Kimberley (WA) surrounding the township of Fitzroy Crossing and including Giekie Gorge, Tunnel Creek and Windjana Gorge National Parks. Bunuba people are custodians of the nationally significant Jandamarra story

The Bunuba people’s Native Title rights were recognised after a 13-year process in 2012 – they hold exclusive rights to 3,500 square kilometres of land north of Fitzroy Crossing.

On invitation from community leaders in Fitzroy Crossing we've launched a partnership with the Bunuba Dawangarri Aboriginal Corporation (BDAC) to help complete their Jalangurru Muwayi (Healthy Country) Plan

The Department of Parks and Wildlife will continue to support and fund the Bunuba Rangers to help manage nine significant central west Kimberley conservation reserves established on Bunuba country.

Guided walks in Bunuba country

Experience the wonders of the Kimberley and see the impact Aboriginal ranger programs are having in this part of Australia on a Kimberley Country Guided Walk.

More details about this partnership will be available soon...


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