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Thanks for making Australia even more wonderful

Welcome to a wonderful community of people dedicated to protecting our irreplaceable landscapes and magnificent native species for generations to come. Welcome to Bush Heritage Australia.

We're thrilled that you've joined us. Together we can help safeguard the landscapes that make Australia so special.

Our country is home to birds so rare they’re hardly seen, let alone photographed; frogs that can lie dormant for years underground, waiting for rain; and marsupials small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Our geographic isolation has produced animals and plants that are truly unique and inspiring.

These natural wonders can surprise us. They can overwhelm us. They can move us to tears. But they're also at risk, and they need our protection.

Bush Heritage steps in where it’s needed most to protect all species.

By becoming a regular donor to Bush Heritage, you've shown your commitment to a better future for our native species, their unique habitats and the rich biodiversity of this wonderful country.

Your passion is helping provide practical solutions, innovative science and on-the-ground research across Australia for the benefit of our natural wonders.

From the red sands of western Queensland, to the savannah grasslands of Cape York and the arid plains of the Western Australian Desert, our staff across the country say thank you for joining Bush Heritage Australia.

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Welcome! Learn more about us

Cameron Creek at Yourka Reserve

Natural wonders are in your hands

Our founding members were people just like you — lovers of nature. They didn’t see themselves as visionaries, they simply saw an opportunity to do something practical to help protect the environment.

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Pygmy Possum in hand.

You're protecting our little wonders

Scurrying through the spinifex, burrowing in sand dunes and rummaging through fallen foliage is an incredible range of animals unique to our continent.

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Night Parrot.

Back from the brink

With the Night Parrot we have the rarest of opportunities – a second chance to save what we once thought was lost forever.

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Aerial view of vegetation on country. Photo Annette Ruzicka.

Building partnerships for the future

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. We work in partnership with other landowners around the country, to make even more of a difference to conservation in Australia.

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Golden-shouldered Parrot. Photo Geoffrey Jones.

The wonder of our Bush Heritage

Bush Heritage and its partners manage a vast network of nature reserves. We are here, on the ground each day, protecting the native animals and plants that make Australia unique.

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