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Back from the brink

Across the country, in almost every type of habitat – from arid tablelands to rainforests and coastline – species that used to thrive are now struggling to survive. Bush Heritage Australia puts in place practical solutions for the protection of our most at-risk species. And thanks to people like you, we continue to see wonderful results.

Since European settlement, too many of our most unique species have gone extinct.

We have lost more than 50 animal and 60 plant species over the past 200 years, and for a long time it was believed that the Night Parrot was one of the them.

The last living specimen of this nocturnal grounddwelling bird was collected in Western Australia in 1912.

Night Parrot. Photo by Steve Murphy.

Over the next eight decades, there were only fleeting glimpses and unconfirmed reports of its continued existence, before two dead parrots were found years apart in Queensland: in 1990 and 2006.

Then in 2013, a live Night Parrot was finally discovered, photographed and filmed. Word spread quickly, from nature journals to international news – and soon the return of the Night Parrot had nature lovers around the globe excited.

We didn’t know how many birds were alive, but we did know they needed protection. Bush Heritage was determined not to let this stunning native bird disappear again.

With the help of generous donors like you, we established Pullen Pullen Reserve, which contained the nesting grounds of the first family of Night Parrots found alive in 130 years.

Researchers at work on the ground. Photo Rachel Bar.

More than a safe-zone, Pullen Pullen is a sanctuary dedicated to scientific research into Night Parrot behaviours, nesting habits and habitat requirements.

We’re now working closely with experts to map the habitat at Pullen Pullen Reserve, learn about the Night Parrot’s biology, and put the necessary conservation planning in place to increase the bird’s chances of survival.

With your support, the lessons we learn here can be transferred to other potential Night Parrot habitats. Thanks to you, we can:

  • complete mapping of its habitat
  • secure nesting sites
  • ensure there is minimal human disturbance
  • develop and implement a plan for mitigating wildfire risk
  • implement feral predator controls, and
  • monitor the birds’ welfare into the future.

Across Australia, Bush Heritage is working to protect our most at-risk native animals.

With the Night Parrot we have the rarest of opportunities - a second chance to save what we once thought was lost forever.

We may never have another chance like this.

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