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The wonder of our Bush Heritage

Mike Ross, Olkola Aboriginal Corporation Chair

"One of the targets with this Bush Heritage mob and us Olkola people, hopefully we’ll have the Golden-shouldered Parrot come back – big mob of ‘em! ‘Cause we’re on the borderline of them being gone and never seeing them again.
"But with this project that we’re doing now, [our aim] is to bring their population up. So hopefully the rangers and land managers and Olkola people and all involved – we can get it right for our future kids. That’s my belief; I reckon we can make it right”.

Golden-shouldered Parrot. Photo by Geoffrey Jones.

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Priority landscapes

Shaded areas on the map indicate our priority landscapes – areas we’ve identified as in need of increased protection to safeguard nationally significant ecosystems. They’ve been chosen for their conservation value, our capacity to help protect them, and the degree to which they’re already protected through Australia’s National Reserve System – a combined network of public and privately protected lands.

Our reserves

Bush Heritage owns 42 reserves covering 1.2 million hectares. These are protected forever. We look after this country to ensure it remains healthy and natural ecosystems are thriving.

Aboriginal partnerships

We work in partnership with 11 Aboriginal groups on their land and sea country, and 14 Traditional Owner groups on our reserves to deliver conservation and socio-economic outcomes. Our total partnerships cover a management area of 10.1 million hectares.

Regional partnerships

We collaborate with private landholders, communities, and other conservation groups across Australia that share our vision of ‘healthy Country, protected forever’. By engaging with and within communities, we achieve much more than we could working alone.

Welcome! Learn more about us

Southern Boobook Owl.

Thanks for making Australia even more wonderful

Welcome to a wonderful community of people dedicated to protecting our irreplaceable landscapes and magnificent native species for generations to come. Welcome to Bush Heritage Australia.

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Pygmy Possum in hand.

You're protecting our little wonders

Scurrying through the spinifex, burrowing in sand dunes and rummaging through fallen foliage is an incredible range of animals unique to our continent.

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Night Parrot.

Back from the brink

With the Night Parrot we have the rarest of opportunities – a second chance to save what we once thought was lost forever.

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Aerial view of vegetation on country. Photo Annette Ruzicka.

Building partnerships for the future

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. We work in partnership with other landowners around the country, to make even more of a difference to conservation in Australia.

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