What we do

We're national leaders in landscape-scale conservation. Independent and informed by science, our purpose is to return the bush to good health.

How we do it

We work where we're needed most: in areas of high conservation value with low levels of protection. We have 2 proven approaches:

  1. We carefully select and buy land of conservation value and manage landscapes for conservation outcomes.
  2. We work in partnership with others, including Aboriginal groups, pastoralists, conservationists, businesses, and non-government and government organisations.

We focus our work in our priority landscapes. These are selected on the basis of national biodiversity priorities, location of existing reserves and opportunities for strategic partnerships. Working with partners means we're able to have an even greater impact: creating healthier, more resilient ecosystems. 

Our impact

Today, we work across more than 6 million hectares. Our reserves and partnerships protect threatened ecosystems, and 5,812 species of plants and animals, including at least 235 threatened species.