Legal protections

Last updated: Friday 27 May, 2016

To conserve Australia's biodiversity in the long-term Bush Heritage reserves are legally protected with the intention of safeguarding them forever.

We put conservation covenants on all our reserves. These restrict what can be done on the properties and are the strongest legal instruments available to us.

Length of covenants

For properties we own outright covenants apply in perpetuity. This means these properties are protected forever, no matter who owns them.

For properties where we have a long-term Crown lease, the covenant holds for the life of the lease. Given the very long-term nature of our Crown leases, and the fact that they can be easily renewed, this still offers substantial protection.

Where the Federal Government's National Reserve System program has provided funding to help us acquire a lease, there's additional protection. The lease can't be on-sold except to an organisation that has conservation as its primary goal.

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