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Impact models

Our 2030 Strategy sets ambitious targets to deepen and double our impact using three impact models.

 Eucalyptus forest with a ferny understory at Burrin Burrin. Photo: Wayne Lawler/Ecopix.

Buying land

We own properties that have been bought, gifted or bequeathed to us. Thanks to our generous supporters we own 44 reserves covering over 1.4 million hectares.

Buying land
 Jacqueline Shovellor with Heather Campbell. Photo William Marwick.

Aboriginal partnerships

Whenever we buy land we seek to engage with the Traditional Owners to ensure they maintain access and a connection to Country. We also invest in partnering with Aboriginal groups who are themselves landowners – often of vast estates.

Aboriginal partnerships
Harvesting bluegrass seeds at Carnarvon Reserve. Photo Krystle Wright.

Natural capital in agriculture

With 58% of Australia used for agricultural production, we’re exploring how to protect more land and partnering with willing farmers. We aim to have an influence over 10 million hectares of agricultural land by 2030.

Natural Capital in Agriculture
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