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A trailer full of seedlings ready to be planted. Photo Katelyn Reynolds.
A trailer full of seedlings ready to be planted. Photo Katelyn Reynolds.

We have a wealth of experience in biodiverse carbon capture restoration projects to share with other landowners. We use learnings from restoration work and subsequent carbon trade projects on our reserves to advise other local projects.

Restoration site at Eurardy Reserve.

Eurardy Carbon Planting Project

The Eurardy Carbon Planting Project in WA is improving biodiversity in the understory of carbon plantings.

Dr Matt Appleby with a tray full of seedlings to plant. Photo Amelia Caddy.

Nardoo Climate Ready Project

At Nardoo Hills in Victoria the Nardoo Climate Ready Project is providing learnings on how to approach restoration and carbon capture in a changing climate.

Mallee in spinifex country on Hamelin. Photo Marie Lochman.

Hamelin carbon project with Malgana and Nhanda people

On our Hamelin Reserve we’re working on a carbon project in partnership with the Malgana and Nhanda people.

Seedlings germinating in revegetation area. Photo Keith Tuffley.

A template for restoration in south-west, WA

Native species have returned to what were once bare paddocks on Monjebup North Reserve in south-west, WA. We've also successfully restored native bushland on nearby Chereninup Creek, Beringa and Red Moort reserves, giving us a track record for successful ecological restoration in the area and a good foundation for providing services to support others doing similar work in the region. 

Restoration stories

BLOG 06/01/2022

Restoration improves biodiversity & soil

Vegetation clearing for new agricultural land continues to cause environmental degradation, biodiversity loss and increased carbon emissions. But there are also large swathes of land no longer used for agriculture with potential to be remediated.

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BLOG 28/09/2021

Playing the restoration long game

Scientific research into ecological restoration has traditionally focused on plants and animals. But what about what’s in the soil?

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BLOG 28/05/2021

Ecosystem restoration focus of $500,000 Volkswagen donation

The funding will be directed to our on-ground conservation work in three states.

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Garry McDonald with seedlings.


Climate-ready reveg

A webinar with our science staff to discuss the impacts of heat and drought on eucalypts at Nardoo Hills in Victoria and our innovative climate-adjusted revegetation project.

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BUSHTRACKS 17/09/2019

An antidote to despair

Rather than lose hope when eucalypts started dying in central Victoria, Bush Heritage scientists came up with an innovative solution using future climate scenarios.

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BUSHTRACKS 17/09/2019

The one million tree project

As Bush Heritage ecologist Ben Parkhurst, his wife Tina Schroeder and their 10-month-old son Liam look on, the first of over 36,000 native seedlings are planted in the loamy, moist soil as part of the first phase of an ambitious project that will eventually see over 1350 hectares of cleared land on Eurardy restored.

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BLOG 04/03/2019

Greenfleet collaborate for climate

We are working on an innovative climate-ready revegetation project with Greenfleet at one of our flagship Victorian reserves.

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