Research papers

Everything we do is informed by science. Our team of ecologists, students and research partners are regularly writing and contributing articles to scientific papers and journals to share findings from research on the places we protect. Here's a list of recent articles to which they've contributed.


Environmental Factors Influencing Hairy‐Nosed Wombat Abundance in Semi‐Arid Rangelands
Taggart D., Finlayson G., Sparrow E., Dibben R., Dibben J., Campbell E., Peacock D., Ostendorf B., White C. and Temple‐Smith P.
THE JOURNAL OF WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT, DOI: 10.1002/jwmg.21858, 1-Sep. 2020.

Rapid plastic breeding response to rain matches peak prey abundance in a tropical savanna bird
Aranzamendi N., Hall M., Kingma S., van de Pol M. and Peters A.
JOURNAL OF ANIMAL ECOLOGY, 88, 1799-1811, 2020.

A superb solo, or a deviant duet? Overlapping songs in superb fairy-wrens
Taylor C., Hall M., Cain K. and Langmore N.         
BEHAVIOURAL ECOLOGY 30, 1076-1086, 2019

Experimental increase in eviction load does not impose a growth cost for cuckoo chicks
Medina I., Hall M., Taylor C., Mulder R. and Langmore N. 

Persistent low avian malaria in a tropical species despite high community prevalence
Eastwood J., Peacock L., Hall M., Roast M., Murphy S., Goncalves da Silva A. and Peters A.

Female and male plumage colour signals aggression in a dichromatic tropical songbird
Leitao A., Hall M., Delhey K. and Mulder R
ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR 150, 285-301, 2019

New insights from female bird song: towards an integrated approach to studying male and female communication roles
Riebel K., Odom K., Langmore N. and Hall M.

Conspicuous Plumage Does Not Increase Predation Risk: A Continent-Wide Test Using Model Songbirds
Cain K., Hall M., Medina I, Leitao A., Delhey K., Brouwer L., Peters A, Pruett-Jones S., Webster M., Langmore N. and Mulder R.
AMERICAN NATURALIST 193, 359-372, 2019

Early-life telomere length predicts lifespan and lifetime reproductive success in a wild bird
Eastwood J., Hall M., Teunissen N., Kingma S., Aranzamendi N., Fan M., Roast M., Verhulst S. and Peters A.
MOLECULAR ECOLOGY 28; 1127-1137, 2019

Ecology and breeding biology of a tropical bird, the Lovely Fairy-Wren (Malurus amabilis)
Leitao A., Hall M., Venables B. and Mulder R.
EMU-AUSTRAL ORNITHOLOGY 119; 1 to 13, 2019

Conserving the endangered Black-throated Finch southern subspecies: what do we need to know?
Laguna J., Reside A., Kutt A., Grice A., Buosi P., Vanderduys E., Taylor M. and Schwarzkopf L.
EMU-AUSTRAL ORNITHOLOGY 119; 331-345, 2019

Persistence through tough times: fixed and shifting refuges in threatened species conservation
Reside A., Briscoe N., Dickman C., Greenville A., Hradsky B., Kark S., Kearney M.; Kutt A.; Nimmo D., Pavey C., Read J., Ritchie E., Roshier D., Skroblin A., Stone Z., West M. and O Fisher D.

Systematic definition of threatened fauna communities is critical to their conservation
Hannah Fraser, Jeremy S Simmonds, Alex S Kutt, Martine Maron

Monitoring large and complex wildlife aggregations with drones
Mitchell B Lyons, Kate J Brandis, Nicholas J Murray, John H Wilshire, Justin A McCann, Richard T Kingsford, Corey T Callaghan

Cryopreservation as a Tool for Reef Restoration: 2019
Mary Hagedorn, Rebecca Spinder, Jonathan Daly

Carbon isotope analysis shows introduced bovines have broader dietary range than the largest native herbivores in an Australian tropical savanna
Angela M Reid,  Brett P Murphy, Tom Vigilante, Linda A Barry, David MJS Bowman
AUSTRAL ECOLOGY 45; 109-121, 2019.

Distribution and abundance of large herbivores in a northern Australian tropical savanna: A multi‐scale approach
Angela M. Reid, Brett P. Murphy, Tom Vigilante, Wunambal Gaambera Aboriginal Corporation, David M. J. S. Bowman            

Systematic definition of threatened fauna communities is critical to their conservation
Fraser, H., Simmonds, J. S., Kutt, A. S. and Maron, M.
DIVERSITY AND DISTRIBUTIONS 25(3): p. 462-477. 2019.

Genomic population structure aligns with vocal dialects in Palm Cockatoos (Probosciger aterrimus); evidence for refugial late-Quaternary distribution?
Miles V. Keighley, Robert Heinsohn, Naomi E. Langmore,Stephen A. Murphy &Joshua V. Peñalba
EMU-AUSTRAL ORNITHOLOGY, 2019. 119(1): p. 24-37.

Genetic diversity and structure of the threatened striped legless lizard, Delma impar: management implications for the species and a translocated population.
Murphy, C., Burnett, S., Conroy, G. C., Howland, B. W. A., Lamont, R. W., Sumner, J. and Ogbourne, S. M.
CONSERVATION GENETICS, 2019. 20(2): p. 245-257.

Systematic planning can rapidly close the protection gap in Australian mammal havens.
Ringma, J., Legge, S., Woinarski, J. C. Z., Radford, J. Q., Wintle, B., Bentley, J., Burbidge, A. A., Copley, P., Dexter, N., Dickman, C. R., Gillespie, G. R., Hill, B., Johnson, C. N., Kanowski, J., Letnic, M., Manning, A., Menkhorst, P., Mitchell, N., Morris, K., Moseby, K., Page, M., Palmer, R. and Bode, M.
CONSERVATION LETTERS 2019. 12(1): p. 8.

Reversing the effects of evolutionary prey naivete through controlled predator exposure.
Ross, A. K., Letnic, M., Blumstein, D. T. and Moseby, K. E.
JOURNAL OF APPLIED ECOLOGY 2019. 56(7): p. 1761-1769.

Stromatolite provinces of Hamelin Pool: Physiographic controls on Stromatolites and associated lithofacies
Suosaari, E. P., Reid, R. P., Oehlert, A. M., Playford, P. E., Steffensen, C. K., Andres, M. S., Suosaari, G. V., Milano, G. R. and Eberli, G. P.
JOURNAL OF SEDIMENTARY RESEARCH 2019. 89(3): p. 207-226.

Southern hairy-nosed wombats (Lasiorhinus latifrons) in the Gawler Ranges region of South Australia: population growth from 1988 to 2016.
Swinbourne, M., Taggart, D., Swinbourne, A. and Ostendorf, B.
AUSTRALIAN MAMMALOGY, 2019. 41(1): p. 112-122.