Research publications

Our staff, students and research partners regularly write and contribute to articles for scientific papers and journals to share findings from our research.


Grazing by over-abundant native herbivores jeopardizes conservation goals in semi-arid reserves
Charlotte H. Mills, Helen Waudby, Graeme Finlayson, David Parker, Matthew Cameron and Mike Letnica
Global Ecology and Conservation, Volume 24, December 2020

Healthy People in a Healthy Environment: Key Directions Statement. Australian Committee for IUCN, Sydney
Camp, E., Spencer-Smith, T., Chapple, R., Eccles, S., Spindler, R. and Varcoe, T.
ACIUCN, July 2020

Prescribed burning benefits threatened mammals in northern Australia
Radford, Ian J., Woolley, LA , Corey, B, Vigilante, T, Corporation, WGA, Hatherley, E, Fairman, R , Carnes, K, Start, AN

Distribution and abundance of large herbivores in a northern Australian tropical savanna: A multi‐scale approach
Angela M. Reid, Brett P. Murphy, Tom Vigilante, Wunambal Gaambera Aboriginal Corporation, David M. J. S. Bowman

Big trouble for little fish: identifying Australian freshwater fishes in imminent risk of extinction
Mark Lintermans A,B,O, Hayley M. Geyle C, Stephen Beatty D, Culum BrownE, Brendan C. Ebner B,F, Rob FreemanB,G, Michael P. HammerB,H, William F. Humphreys, Mark J. Kennard, Pippa Kern, Keith Martin, David L. Morgan, Tarmo A. Raadik, Peter J. Unmack, Rob Wager, John C. Z. Woinarski and Stephen T. Garnett
Pacific Conservation Biology;, July 2020

Persistence of the broad-toothed rat (Mastacomys fuscus) across Victoria is correlated with climate and elevation
Shipway, S; Rowe, KMC; Rowe, KC
WILDLIFE RESEARCH. 47(3): 267-278, July 2020

Native and exotic nest predators of Alwal (Goldenshouldered parrot Psephotellus chrysopterygius) on Olkola Country, Cape York Peninsula, Australia
Teghan D. Collingwood, James E. M. Watson, Stephen Kearney, Allana Brown, Ashaley Ross, Glen Kulka, Hamish Kulka, Karla Kulka, Francis Royee, Brendan Ross, Terry Mahney, Katy Huett & Alex S. Kutt
EMU – AUSTRAL ORNITHOLOGY, Vol 120 2020, Issue 2. June 2020

Environmental Factors Influencing Hairy‐Nosed Wombat Abundance in Semi‐Arid Rangelands
Taggart D., Finlayson G., Sparrow E., Dibben R., Dibben J., Campbell E., Peacock D., Ostendorf B., White C. and Temple‐Smith P.
THE JOURNAL OF WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT, DOI: 10.1002/jwmg.21858, June 2020.

Rapid plastic breeding response to rain matches peak prey abundance in a tropical savanna bird
Aranzamendi N., Hall M., Kingma S., van de Pol M. and Peters A.
JOURNAL OF ANIMAL ECOLOGY, 88, 1799-1811, 2020.