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Reserve scorecards.
Reserve scorecards.

Reserve scorecards

Summary of ecological data collected over 5 years about each reserve's condition.

Monitoring helps us understand if we're on track and if we're achieving the intended impact on our Conservation Targets.

Evaluation is converting that monitoring data into knowledge and understanding.

As part of Step 4 of our Conservation Management Process (Analyse and Adapt), we analyse our monitoring data and evaluate the management of our reserves.

Every year we want to know:

  • are we using the Plan?
  • are we managing threats?
  • are our strategies working?

Every 5-10 years we want to know:

Is the health of our conservation targets improving?

David Nelson (University of Sydney Research Assistant) downloads data from a weather station on Ethabaka. Photo Kate Cranney.

We measure progress at three levels:

  1. Outputs (Strategy implementation)
    Are we implementing the plan as expected?
  2. Outcomes (Threats)
    Are we implementing our strategies effectively and are threats reducing?
  3. Impacts (Targets)
    Is target health improving?

Scorecards are an output of the evaluation process and present a summary of key findings including the overall change that's occurred to each target's health and its trend, and to each threat rating and its trend.




Very good

Restoration difficult. Extirpation likely.Outside acceptable range of variation - needs substantial human effortWithin acceptable range of variation. Requires human effort.Desirable status. Requires little or no human effort.

Download scorecards for individual reserves:

More on measuring impact

Priority landscapes

Priority landscapes

Through research, climate modelling and analysis, we've identified the landscapes where we can make the biggest difference.

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Anna and Graham Cranney survey vegetation at Boolcoomatta Reserve, Adnyamathanha & Wilyakali Country, SA. By Kate Cranney

Measuring our impact

Bush Heritage uses the best knowledge available to deliver landscape-scale impact. Our team of scientists, field staff, data specialists, conservation planners and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships Managers work every day to manage our reserves.

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Reserve scorecards

National results

Since we started managing land within our reserve network, we've maintained or improved the health of about 80% of our conservation targets.

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