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Yourka Reserve, north Queensland. Photo by Martin Willis.
Yourka Reserve, north Queensland. Photo by Martin Willis.

Our 2030 strategy

How we plan to double our impact
We intend to deepen and double our impact by 2030 – protecting, restoring and regenerating a total of 30 million hectares of land (an area larger than the state of Victoria).

With your help, we intend to:

  • Significantly scale up our national conservation innovation program to enable depth of impact across the landscapes we actively manage
  • Double the amount of land that we directly own and manage from 1.2 million hectares to 2.4 million hectares
  • Deepen our support of Aboriginal Partnerships through exploring, strengthening and growing our relationships with Aboriginal partners through a right-way approach
  • Work with farmers and other land managers to enhance biodiversity across over 10 million hectares of agricultural land towards a more sustainable future.

Ecologist Matt Appleby working with landowners in the Tasmanian Midlands. Photo by Annette Ruzicka.

Our vision: Healthy Country Protected Forever
Our mission: to return the bush to good health
Our 2030 strategy: To deepen and double our impact


Fire risk

Land use threats

Invasive species

Climate change

Our strategy is delivered through three impact models and shared capability

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  • Deepening ecological and cultural health outcomes
  • New reserves
Aboriginal flag icon

Aboriginal partnerships

  • Deepening Healthy Country Plan delivery
  • New partnerships
emerging focus
Plant icon

Natural Capital in Agriculture

  • Environmental services
  • Biodiverse carbon capture
  • Natural products
Priority landscapes | Conservation innovation | Impact management

Our strategy is enabled through our people, our community, the right-way approach, science & technology and our astute use of all resources

People and culture
Safe and well
Right-way approach
Engagement and support
Data and digital
Financial rigour
Ecologist Allana Brown with Olkola Aboriginal Corporation Chair Mike Ross. Photo by Brian Cassey.

Connecting people with purpose

Our success lies with our people: our committed staff, selfless volunteers, expert partners and our loyal and passionate financial supporters. To deliver these ambitious and achievable goals, we must not only grow, but deepen our organisational and operational capacity.

 Map of Australia with our priority landscapes overlaid.

Conservation for a changing climate

Through in-depth research, climate modelling and analysis, we've identified the landscapes in which we can make the biggest difference, and the best strategies to help us achieve it.

More on Priority Landscapes
ASRAC Rangers at Arafura Swamp. Photo by Daniel Hartley-Allen.

Doing things with a right-way approach

Everything we do, we endeavour to do the right way. In 2021, right-way science is at the heart of our work and it is this approach that will guide us to 2030.

Harvesting bluegrass seeds at Carnarvon Station Reserve, Bidjara country, Qld. Photo by Krystle Wright.

Natural capital in agriculture

We aspire to have influence and impact across 10 million hectares of other land uses, with a focus on conservation and biodiverse carbon outcomes in productive agricultural landscapes. We currently have diverse but modest influence in the agricultural sector. Our 2030 strategy will see us prioritise and develop this emerging area to achieve change to biodiversity outcomes, which will be largely self-funded.

Get involved

We're well-placed to achieve our 2030 goals. But we can’t get there without your support. Want to help double our impact to 30 million hectares? We’d love to hear from you:

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Impact models

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