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Last updated 20 Feb 2018 

Our world is changing. A changing climate is pushing the limits of our native plants and animals. Introduced species such as cats and foxes are threatening the survival of many Australian species. And a growing population is requiring that more land be used more intensely for food production.

As this change occurs, we're responding to it. Our work is ultimately about delivering conservation impact, and the highlights featured in this report are just a few examples of the real change our work is effecting around Australia. Thank you for making these considerable achievements possible.


With your support we've met the goals set out in our Strategic Plan for 2012­­-2017, by:

  • Exceeding our goal to protect and manage 6 million hectares of land for conservation on reserves, and partnerships
  • Growing our supporter base to over 30,000 people
  • Maintaining annual revenue at or near $20 million

In early 2017, we launched Our Plan 2017-2022, the strategic plan that will guide our work over the next five years.

Australian species recorded

We're protecting at least 5,812 native species, including 235 threatened species on 44 reserves and partnership lands.

  • 59% of bird species
  • 52% of land mammal species
  • 32% of amphibian species
  • 28% of reptile species
  • 24% of plant species
  • 10% of freshwater fish species

Progress against our 10-year Science and Research Plan

  • Partnered in four new projects
  • Supported five science scholarships
  • Employed two science interns and two science fellows
  • Worked on reintroduction trials for five significant species
  • Saw 21 peer-reviewed papers published based on work at our reserves
  • Presented at six symposia
  • Contributed to 54 research projects with partners from 24 universities and other organisations.

Community and supporter engagement

  • Volunteers contributed 36,660 hours to our work (equivalent to $1.29 million*)
  • We had 224,963 visitors to our website
  • We reached 27.5 million people through media stories
  • We reached 73,209 Facebook followers

* Based on the national standard hourly rate of $35.21

Previous reports

See our Reports archive for previous editions.

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