Impact Report

Our 2019-20 financial year was a big one. Take a look back at some of the year's conservation milestones made possible by YOU, our supporters.

In addition to our 36 reserves, we safeguard landscapes and species through our network of partnerships. By working with others, we're achieving so much more.

11.3 million hectares

Is the total area of land we protect or help manage. It comprises 1.2 million hectares permanently protected through our reserves and 10.1 million hectares that we help protect through our partnerships.

We prioritise the connection or expansion of existing protected areas, such as national parks or nature refuges.

45.4 million tonnes

The estimated amount of carbon stock on Bush Heritage's 36 reserves.

6700 native species

Have been recorded on our reserves and our partners’ lands.

226 threatened species

Of the native species found on our reserves and our partners' country, many are on Australia’s threatened species lists, including 75 endangered species.

65 science projects

Our science and ecology team works in collaboration with 25 universities and 24 research organisations to improve our understanding of the landscapes and species under our care.

25 Aboriginal partnerships

We work in partnership with 11 Aboriginal groups on their land and sea country, and 14 Traditional Owner groups on our reserves to deliver conservation and socio-economic outcomes.

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