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Our plan, values & constitution

We recognise and respect the enduring relationship Traditional Owners have with their country, and pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging.

Our plan (2019-22)

Our vision is to return the bush to good health.

We plan to reverse the damage caused to the Australian bush and improve the health of plants, animals, water, soil and Aboriginal cultural values.

We plan to do this through:

1. Landscape scale conservation management

Objectives: Threats to species, culturally significant species, habitats and cultural values are managed, reduced or eliminated. Impact is expanded through our priority landscapes across land and sea country. Traditional Owner connection with Country is acknowledged and integrated across our projects.

To achieve this we'll:

  1. Acquire land, targeting our national conservation priorities.
  2. Partner with Traditional Owners to support their aspirations for Country.
  3. Partner and work with landowners, relevant organisations and within local communities to expand our impact.
  4. Manage our reserves and safeguard their long-term protection.
  5. Communicate and share our impact and what has been learnt.

2. Science and knowledge

Objectives: Positive outcomes for conservation and right way approaches to science have been influenced nationally. Traditional Owner, academic and community knowledge and approaches are brought together to improve land and water management activities.

To achieve this we'll:

  1. Work with our Aboriginal and other partners to influence across conservation, academic and government sectors.
  2. Use a Right Way Science approach to build understanding, address knowledge gaps and identify new solutions to key conservation challenges.
  3. Expand and apply shared knowledge through research collaboration and mentoring future generations of scientists and land managers.

3. Engage and inspire

Objective: Support for the conservation of Australia’s environment and recognition of Aboriginal connection to Country has grown.

To achieve this we'll:

  1. Educate and empower Australian and international communities to inspire support for conservation and Traditional Owner aspirations for Country.
  2. Develop meaningful, long-term relationships within our supporter, partner and volunteer communities and provide diverse opportunities to connect with the bush.

4. Resilience and capability

Objectives: Our annual revenue has generated significantly more to support conservation, and is sustainable and poised for further growth. Our people are highly engaged and safe, our technology is evolved and secure, our governance is effective and our Capital Fund is strong.

To achieve this we'll:

  1. Build a balanced and resilient income model.
  2. Develop new and innovative conservation focused income producing opportunities.
  3. Foster a culturally-competent, values driven, diverse, collaborative and skilled workforce.
  4. Support continuous improvement in staff safety behaviours and a positive safety culture.
  5. Implement improved systems and technology to support our people to work together from anywhere and be well informed.
  6. Ensure our operations are sustainable, well-governed and protected.

Our values

Leanne and Paul Hales with family.

Leanne and Paul Hales with family, who have grown up with Bush Heritage.

The way that we work is informed by our agreed values:

  • Conservation
    Protected, connected landscapes and waterways for plants, animals and people.
  • Collaborate 
    We collaborate with Traditional Owners, other land owners, scientists, government, organisations and communities for the greatest impact. 
  • Community
    Together we are an active and dedicated mosaic of staff, volunteers, partners, and supporters all working for a common goal.
  • Culture
    A shared journey of respect for diversity, each other and acknowledgement of Traditional Owners’ enduring relationship to this land and waters.
  • Safety
    Healthy people, healthy country

For more details on how we operate Portable Document File (PDF)download a full copy of Our Constitution (443kb).