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Our supporters

We'd like to acknowledge the thousands of everyday Australians who've generously given in support of our work. You know who you are, and we can't thank you enough! 

Our quarterly newsletters acknowledge a selection of recent gifts.

Winter 2021Autumn 2021 | Summer 2021 | Spring 2020

Our Major Donor Honour Board and Gifts in Wills Honour Board acknowledge significant supporters over the life of our organisation.

We also thank the many organisations who partner with us to work together.

The following lists gratefully acknowledge significant support over the last financial year (as per our Impact Report 2019–20).

Leading Benefactors

  • Alerce Trust,
  • Andyinc Foundation,
  • Annelie Holden in memory of George Dalton,
  • Besen Family Foundation,
  • Brian Snape (AM) and the late Diana Snape,
  • Chris and Gina Grubb,
  • David Rickards in memory of Helen Rickards,
  • Diversicon Environmental Foundation,
  • Dr Alexander Gosling (AM) and Wirat Sukprem,
  • Eugenie White and the late Andrew Loewenthal,
  • Earth Alliance/Global Wildlife Conservancy,
  • Geoff Giles,
  • Gras Foundation,
  • Harwood Family,
  • Ian and Margaret Ross (AM),
  • Jaramas Foundation,
  • John T Reid Charitable Trusts,
  • Jord Environment Trust,
  • Lotterywest,
  • Macquarie Group Foundation,
  • Margaret and Michael Williams,
  • Maxwell Family Foundation,
  • Michael Tichbon (OAM),
  • Pamela and Robert Knight,
  • Perpetual Foundation – Alan (AGL) Shaw Endowment,
  • Ross Trust,
  • Terry and Caroline Bellair,
  • The Darwin Family,
  • The Gum Tree Foundation,
  • The Ian Potter Foundation.

Key benefactors

Bob Wilson in memory of Marg Wilson,
Charles and Cornelia,
Goode Foundation,
Coupland Family,
Ian, Heather, Leisl and Timothy Wood,
Maxine and Peter Wilshaw,
PLUS1 with Select Music,
Montaigne and Flume.

Major benefactors

Ellen Koshland,
Helen Macpherson Smith Trust,
Martin Pool and Stephanie Miller,
The Scully Fund,
Warwick Nott.

Supporting benefactors

  • Allan Johnson,
  • Amanda Lopez,
  • Andrew and Belinda Isles,
  • Andrew and Lisa Danks,
  • Annabel Anderson,
  • Anne Miller,
  • Aquarium Society Of Victoria,
  • Australian Turf Club Foundation,
  • Bart Currie,
  • Biophilia Foundation,
  • Brian and Diana Snape,
  • Carrawa Foundation,
  • Cheryl and David Fillmore,
  • Cliff Hooker,
  • Daniel and Helen Gauchat,
  • David and Ros Higgins,
  • David Pfanner,
  • David Robb,
  • Debbie and Mario Russo,
  • Eldon and Marilyn Ball,
  • Erica Foundation,
  • Family Frank Foundation Pty Ltd,
  • Fred Woollard,
  • Future Generation Investment Company,
  • Garry White Foundation,
  • Give 52,
  • Goodridge Foundation, Graham and Judy Hubbard,
  • Greengib Ltd Harvey Foundation,
  • Haverstock Hill Foundation,
  • Heather Doig and Rob Koczkar,
  • Henry Foster,
  • Ian Wallace Family Bequest,
  • In memorium Jacquie Pryor,
  • In memorium George and Yvonne Cossins,
  • Irene Stone,
  • J. PERMSEW Foundation,
  • James N Kirby Foundation,
  • Jane Oldfield,
  • John Barkla and Alison Street,
  • Keith Brister,
  • Keith Herbig and Warren Chambers,
  • Keith Lethlean,
  • Kennards Hire Foundation,
  • Ken and Maike Hyman,
  • Leith Hope Memorial Foundation,
  • Letcombe Foundation,
  • llen Family Foundation,
  • Loro Parque Fundación,
  • Maria Manning and Henry Maas,
  • Marich Foundation,
  • Marquill Foundation,
  • Morphic Asset Management,
  • Mt Eagle Charitable Trust, Murphy Family Foundation,
  • Naylor-Stewart Ancillary Fund,
  • Pam and David Habersberger,
  • Pamela Fiala,
  • Paul Ibbetson,
  • Pavetta Foundation,
  • Peter Godfrey-Smith,
  • Philippa Carter and Peter Currie Foundation Trust,
  • Phillip Cornwell and Cecilia Rice,
  • Robert Lawrence Lewis,
  • Robin Friday,
  • Rod Powell Ross and Judy Milne-Pott,
  • Sally White,
  • Sarah Louise Ricketts in loving memory of Michael Patrick Ricketts,
  • Serp Hills Foundation,
  • Sharyn Wilson,
  • Sue and Rob Russell,
  • Tertini Charitable Foundation,
  • The Clifton and Clara Laing Charitable Trust managed by Equity Trustees Trust,
  • The Tony And Lisette Lewis Foundation,
  • The Wright Burt Foundation,
  • Thyne Reid Foundation,
  • Tjoan Lie (Vivienne Court Trading Pty Ltd),
  • Viasat World,
  • Water Dragon Endowment,
  • Wildlife Volunteers Association Inc.


Bush Heritage gratefully received gifts in Wills from the estates of the following supporters:

  • Annie Roman,
  • B Seabrook,
  • Donald B. Taylor,
  • Elizabeth A. Hartnell,
  • Elizabeth C. Carr,
  • Elizabeth M. Wohlers,
  • Freda M. Crawford,
  • Gretel Woodward,
  • Halinka Tarcyznska-Fiddian,
  • Helen Poxon,
  • Jessie Cheatle,
  • Johanna E. Ferwerda,
  • John Mitchell,
  • Joy K. St Jack,
  • Joyce Gillespie,
  • Julie Moses,
  • Margaret Bowman,
  • Mieke Buisman,
  • Miriam Godfrey,
  • Pamela Driscoll,
  • Penelope Taylor,
  • Phyllis M. Goddard,
  • Prudence E. Mulcahy,
  • Richard Chinner,
  • Robin Corringham,
  • Robin D. Davidson,
  • Rosemary Mac Krell.

Government grants

  • Australian Government National Landcare Program,
  • Murray Darling Basin Authority,
  • NSW Government Department of Primary Industries,
  • NSW Government Environmental Trust,
  • NSW Government, Local Land Services,
  • NSW Government Saving Our Species program,
  • Queensland Government Department of Environment and Science,
  • Rangelands NRM,
  • Victorian Government Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning,
  • WA Government, State NRM Program.

Pro-bono partners

  • Allens,
  • Bleyer Lawyers,
  • Daniel Gauchat and The Adelante Group,
  • Environmental Defender’s Office,
  • Dr Geoff Woodall,
  • Lendlease,
  • Macquarie Bank,
  • Omera Partners,
  • Dr Simon West and Stockholm University,
  • Wollemi Eco-Logical Pty Ltd.