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Staff and supporters watch the sun set on beach beside Hamelin Reserve, WA. Photo Ben Parkhurst.
Staff and supporters watch the sun set on beach beside Hamelin Reserve, WA. Photo Ben Parkhurst.

Gifts in Wills Honour Board

We remember, acknowledge and express our deep gratitude to the following supporters who have left a gift in their Will over the life of our organisation.

  • 1999

  • The Late Dr Alex Griffiths
  • The Late Dr Richard Sylvan
  • 2002

  • The Late Steve Roach
  • The Late Marjory Augusta West
  • 2003

  • The Late Pixie Patricia Cope
  • The Late Susan Jane Davey
  • The Late Keith Alexander Grieve
  • 2004

  • The Late Ken Foley
  • The Late Leilani Penny Musgrave
  • 2005

  • The Late Josephine Gay Bell
  • The Late Howard Charles Richmond Fogarty
  • The Late Karine Hayhurst
  • The Late Dr Frank Peters
  • The Late Val Williams
  • 2006

  • The Late Judith Margery Haworth Ambler
  • The Late Stella Rose Cheah
  • The Late Mary Dene Layton
  • The Late Gwynneth Anna Oxnam
  • The Late Nancy Vernon Rankine
  • The Late Carolyn Meadley Stuart
  • 2007

  • The Late Henry Graham Baldwin
  • The Late Lindsay Frederick Hunt
  • The Late Sylvia Simpson-Lyttle
  • The Late Stanley Charles Wilfred Stokes
  • 2008

  • The Late Christopher Daniel Blowes
  • The Late Colin Glasford Campbell
  • The Late Agnes Elizabeth Jackson
  • The Late Claire Annette Maher
  • The Late Valerie Mulholland Plumwood
  • The Late Mary-Anne Prior
  • The Late Madeleine Gladys Wright
  • 2009

  • The Late Bruce Leonard Dover
  • The Late Ian Douglas Foote
  • The Late Ernest Harold Jones
  • The Late Maureen Veronica LeBlanc
  • The Late Maria Hester Osborne
  • The Late Doreen Lila Perry
  • The Late Lois Mary Radford
  • The Late John Walter Nesbitt Riddell
  • The Late Ian Gordon Ross
  • The Late Lindsay Shield Whitham
  • 2010

  • The Late Joseph Thomas Bedford
  • The Late Christopher George Clark
  • The Late Thomas Rosauer
  • 2011

  • The Late John & Jennifer Barnett
  • The Late Lawrence Joseph Myer Barzel
  • The Late John Hampton Hartwig Beale
  • The Late Ivor Russell Bell
  • The Late James Edward Alexander Bond
  • The Late Ralph Barclay Braun
  • The Late Gweneth Benson Cunningham
  • The Late Rupert Gerald Featherstone
  • The Late Marion Belfrage Field
  • The Late John Colahan Griffin
  • The Late Janet Peta Linnell
  • The Late Philippa Mary O'Neill
  • The Late Carolyn Joy Parsons
  • The Late Anne Elizabeth Raymond
  • The Late Mollie Vindin Rowell
  • 2012

  • The Late Laurie Violet Abell
  • The Late Teresa Bocking
  • The Late Ian Gordon Murray
  • The Late Jane Alison Schwind
  • The Late Anthony Glynne Smith
  • The Late Jocelyn Marie Van Haren
  • 2013

  • The Late John Atkinson
  • The Late Violet Cleverdon Austin
  • The Late Virginia Tyler Leland Bonawit
  • The Late Margaret Mary Cowper
  • The Late Mary Griffith
  • The Late Heather Fairlie Gulline
  • The Late Donald Murray Hart
  • The Late Joan M Hastwell
  • The Late Alison Wynne Hearn
  • The Late Judith Catherine Iltis
  • The Late Thomas Kenneth Macdonald
  • The Late Jennifer Mary Morrison
  • The Late Clement Skevington
  • The Late Barbara Helen Thompson
  • The Late John Frederick Turner
  • 2014

  • The Late Sheila Mary Box
  • The Late Saxon Marjorie Condon
  • The Late Ruth Eileen Devenney
  • The Late Judith Gaskin
  • The Late Dora V. Lee
  • The Late Merlie Ivy Merchant
  • The Late Yvonne Joan Viner
  • The Late John Weightman
  • The Late Brian Williams
  • The Late Terence Cornthwaite Wollaston
  • 2015

  • The Late Mary Attenborough
  • The Late Patricia Sarah Barringer
  • The Late Donald Graham Batchelor
  • The Late Paul Bayley
  • The Late Barbara Joan Beeson
  • The Late Margaret Sophie Billings
  • The Late Virginia Russell Bird
  • The Late Robert Frederick Brown
  • The Late Helen Margaret Curtis
  • The Late Garth Dixon & Rosalind Stafford
  • The Late Audrey Ethel Twynam Horn
  • The Late Violet Mabel Lynch
  • The Late Devitt Kevin McGrath
  • The Late Aina Matilda Ranke
  • The Late Allan John Rogers
  • The Late Anne Dallas Salvado
  • The Late David Shepherdson
  • The Late Costance Elaine Siddons
  • The Late Peggy Smart
  • 2016

  • The Late Donald Stewart Houghton
  • The Late Jean Hopley
  • The Late Charles Henri Roussac
  • The Late Maisie Alice Crowden
  • The Late Richard Oertel
  • The Late Brian John Donohoe
  • The Late Margaret Jill Jacobs
  • The Late Michael Munro Salter
  • The Late Joan Forest Eltham
  • The Late Loris Lorraine Grote
  • 2017

  • The Late Margaret Munro Esson
  • The Late Grace Finlayson
  • The Late Sheila Forbes Micholson
  • The Late Terence Phillip O'Brien
  • The Late Wanda Marion Summers
  • The Late Ann Gormley
  • The Late Peter Witt Edwards
  • The Late Gilbert Charles Docking
  • 2018

  • The Late Margaret Elizabeth Garner
  • The Late Noreta Stark
  • The Late Rosemary Heinrich
  • The Late Ann Monica Murphy
  • The Late Penelope Katherine Beck
  • The Late Elizabeth Constance Carr
  • The Late John Nicholas Hutchinson
  • The Late Sheila Brown
  • The Late Jay Birnbrauer
  • The Late Wanda Marion Summers
  • The Late Gilbert Charles Docking
  • The Late Barbara Yvonne Gray
  • The Late Toni Hamilton
  • The Late Vivian Mary Donovan
  • The Late Joan Felicia Parnell
  • The Late Evelyn McEwan Livingston
  • The Late Elaine Batty
  • The Late Lesley Valerie Skilton
  • The Late Audrie Ruth Tetley
  • The Late Cecily Ann Dignan
  • The Late Kenneth Bell
  • The Late Yvonne Joan Viner
  • 2019

  • The Late Robin Davidson
  • The Late Prudence Mulcahy
  • The Late John Mitchell
  • The Late Freda M Crawford
  • The Late Julie Moses
  • The Late Elizabeth Wohlers
  • The Late Catherine May Shepparbottom
  • The Late Michelle Cherie Wellard
  • The Late Margaret Elizabeth Mason
  • The Late Craig John Hastings Smith
  • The Late Robert James Fuller
  • The Late Wendy Scanlon
  • The Late Halinka Tarcyznska-Fiddian
  • 2020

  • The Late Marian Bear
  • The Late Dulcie E Curtis
  • The Late Helen I Aston
  • The Late  Francis Ross Hornibrook
  • The Late Charles Grant-Taylor
  • The Late Mary Anne Highfield
  • The Late Petronella Cummings
  • The Late Brigid H Bruer
  • The Late Henry Wyville Short
  • The Late Christobel Mattingley
  • The Late Christine Mary Bridgart
  • The Late Lolita M Broadhurst
  • The Late Gregory J. McCoy
  • The Late John Kosch
  • The Late Mars McMillan
  • The Late Cameron Ivan Walsh
  • The Late Rosemary MacKrell
  • The Late Pamela Driscoll
  • The Late Dorothy Searle
  • The Late Robert Farquhar
  • The Late Johanna E Ferwerda
  • The Late Penelope Suzanne Taylor
  • The Late Annie Roman
  • The Late Joy St Jack
  • The Late Jessie Cheatle
  • 2021

  • The Late Margaret Corrick
  • The Late Barbara Anne Howard
  • The Late Bevan Tatnell
  • The Late Carol Bentley
  • The Late Chris Ballantyne
  • The Late David E Pfanner
  • The Late David Wakefield
  • The Late Denis Klein
  • The Late Donald Carmichael
  • The Late Dorothy M Passfield
  • The Late Edena Owen
  • The Late Edmund Mewburn
  • The Late Elaine Cairns
  • The Late Elizabeth Ann O'Dwyer
  • The Late Elizabeth M Law-Smith
  • The Late Ena L Jones
  • The Late Heather Craig
  • The Late Jane M Frolich
  • The Late Jean Neil
  • The Late Jennifer Waugh
  • The Late Jerome J. O'Neill
  • The Late Joan Barlow
  • The Late Joan E Pearson
  • The Late John Yorkston
  • The Late Jonathan Hunt
  • The Late Josephine Simelius
  • The Late Julianne Elisabeth Bell
  • The Late June E Boyd Priestley
  • The Late Kenneth Bowden
  • The Late Laura Macmillan
  • The Late Lorraine McDermott
  • The Late Marie Therese Johnston
  • The Late Marjorie Pinder
  • The Late Marjorie Robb
  • The Late Max Stauffer
  • The Late Michael Kelly
  • The Late Michelle Bek
  • The Late Muriel Ming
  • The Late Myra G. Finlay
  • The Late Nessie Appleby
  • The Late Neville Hatten
  • The Late Noel Preston
  • The Late Patricia A De Roeck
  • The Late Peter Clark
  • The Late Peter Sharp
  • The Late Robert James Wilson
  • The Late Rosemary Surridge
  • The Late Ruth Frances Crosson
  • The Late Sheila Storrs
  • The Late Thomas Smith
  • The Late Valerie Henderson
  • The Late Valerie McKeon Picking
  • The Late Warwick Mayne-Wilson
  • The Late William Power
  • The Late Yvonne McCready

Stories from our Bequest supporters

Fitzgerald River National Park. Supplied by Tourism Western Australia.

BUSHTRACKS 27/03/2023

Phil Doring's happy place

Phil reconnects with nature in a plant-diverse corner of the continent.

Read More

BUSHTRACKS 13/01/2023

Annie Mayo's happy place

When we heard Bob Brown had established Bush Heritage, we thought it was a brilliant idea, a conservation no-brainer, so we began supporting the organisation.

Read More

BUSHTRACKS 17/10/2022

My happy place (Judy Henderson)

My happy place is nestled between the dunes and ocean at Tuckers Rock, north of the Bellinger River’s entrance. Freshwater flows east from the mountains, it thunders down waterfalls into calm, clear pools, navigates green paddocks and rainforests, before emerging through Melaleuca-stained estuaries and spilling into the Pacific Ocean.

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The architect-designed Round House building.

BUSHTRACKS 15/04/2021

A gift like no other

Long-time Bush Heritage supporter and volunteer Annelie Holden once used her bush property as an escape from the city. Now she has donated it to Bush Heritage so it can start a new life as a conservation reserve and our first ever education centre.

Read More
Photo by Amelia Caddy

BUSHTRACKS 15/04/2021

Defined by the bush

Susan and Peter feel an intimate connection to the Australian bush, which is why they’ve left a gift in their Wills that will help ensure its protection into the future.

Read More

BLOG 19/02/2021

Annelie and George’s legacy

Introducing The Round House, Bush Heritage's newest reserve! This beautiful 87-hectare bush block has been generously gifted to us by long-term supporter and volunteer, Annelie Holden.

Read More

BLOG 29/08/2019

In Memory of Margaret Anne Wilson

Bob and Margie Wilson spent a brief period in the early days of their life together enjoying the stunning landscapes of the Stirling Ranges in the Fitz-Stirling region of Western Australia. Recently, I spoke with Bob who reached out to Bush Heritage in a really profound way - to give a gift to honour Margie, who sadly passed away last September. Enclosed with his donation was a beautiful letter which he's kindly allowed us to share.

Read More

BLOG 13/06/2019

From city to the country

Maureen and Richard Oborn had donated to us for many years, connected financially and via stories in our newsletters. But their engagement went to another level after visiting our Boolcoomatta Reserve in South Australia, and seeing how donor funds are put to use.

Read More

BUSHTRACKS 23/03/2017

How inspiration became a legacy

A childhood spent in the bush and an admiration for Bob Brown combined to inspire Bush Heritage donor and bequest supporter Davydd Shaw.

Read More

BUSHTRACKS 06/12/2016

Thank you

Thanks, as always, to the many generous donors who have supported our work. This page acknowledges some of those donors who have supported us in the lead up to Summer 2016.

Read More

BUSHTRACKS 06/12/2016

Penelope Hacker: Wildlife defender

A childhood spent in Africa gave Bush Heritage supporter Penelope Hacker a deep love of wildlife that she brought home to Australia.

Read More

BUSHTRACKS 21/09/2015

John’s lasting legacy at Boolcoomatta

It was an emotional moment for Meredith Geyer and her family as they arrived at South Australia's Boolcoomatta Reserve and entered the renovated shearers' quarters. Fixed to the wall beside the fireplace is a stained timber board acknowledging the generous donors and benefactors who have helped to fund Bush Heritage's work at Boolcoomatta. Meredith's father, John Weightman, who passed away two years ago, is the latest name to be included on the plaque.

Read More

BLOG 22/07/2015

Where there's a Will there's a way

On a recent bequest supporter trip to Boolcoomatta, Reserve Manager and tour guide extraordinaire, Glen Norris was leading a convoy of four cars when he stopped and radioed this eerie observation back to those following: "We are being watched".

Read More

BUSHTRACKS 21/06/2015

BMW Boxers and the Kerr’s bush legacy

An appetite for adventure, a love of the open road and a BMW Boxer motorbike have taken Bush Heritage Australia supporters Geoff and Elizabeth Kerr the length and breadth of Australia. Find out from Geoff and Elizabeth why they decided to leave a legacy.

Read More

BUSHTRACKS 20/03/2015

Living lightly

Simone Bowskill and her husband David are nature lovers living on a one acre bush block in Wentworth Falls, among the beautiful Blue Mountains of New South Wales. Having supported Bush Heritage for several years, they are now confirmed bequest supporters, planning to leave a gift in their wills.

Read More

BUSHTRACKS 21/09/2014

Remembered in nature

Supporters Alan and Saxon Condon had very special connections with the land, and since their passing – both at age 93 – their eldest daughter, Honour, has remembered them through nature and the places they loved.

Read More
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